Matías Soto takes second place in San Luis Potosí

Matías Soto takes second place in San Luis Potosí
Matías Soto takes second place in San Luis Potosí

Matías Soto’s dream week (582°) It ended. And he did it with the runner-up finish in the Challenger 75 in San Luis Potosí, after falling in the definition against the Colombian Nicolás Mejía (444th), 6-1, 5-7 and 6-2, in a match where fatigue took its toll after a long participation, which began last weekend from the qualy.

The start for the Copapino player was tough. The nerves of his first challenger final and the power of the Colombian player took their toll on the national tennis player., who gave up his serve three times during the first set. A resounding 6-1, which put their rival with the first option to lift the crown.

In the second set, an early break in the second game seemed like it would precipitate the end in short order. However, little by little, the northerner began to feel better on the court and did damage with his blows. Despite this improvement, the coffee grower still had the advantage and was even serving for the match at 5-4.

It was precisely in that extreme moment where all of Soto’s drive and good play came out, in addition to a significant dose of nerves in Mejía. He achieved the long-awaited break and evened things out. Then, in the twelfth games He squeezed his rival and won the second chapter, taking the finish to the third.

The beginning of the final set was not entirely happy for the Creole tennis player, because after an extensive service game, the Colombian achieved the break. From then on, the forces began to falter and the situation was repeated again.. Already with two breaks in his favor, the native of Bogotá was able to maneuver more freely and head towards the title.

However, the Chilean would not give up and would recover one of the breaks. Nevertheless, The illusion faded quickly, as he could not sustain his subsequent serve.. Despite his efforts, he could not change his luck, having to stay in second place.

Despite the defeat, Soto will achieve a great jump of 160 places in the ATP ranking, as he will go from 582nd place to 422nd in the world.

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