A woman rescues a baby hedgehog and the vet reveals to her that it is the pompom of a wool hat

Fortunately, there is more and more awareness in society to take care of animals, but sometimes, the desire to rescue the bugs leads to hilarious situations like the one starring a woman in the United Kingdom.

As reported by the BBC, the woman went to the Lower Moss Nature Reserve and Wildlife Hospital with what she thought was a baby hedgehog that he had rescued on the street.

The woman said that she had kept the hedgehog in a box with food all night, but that the animal had not touched her. When the association’s veterinarians examined the hedgehog, They realized that it was actually the pompom of a wool hat.

“Our hearts melted”, said one of the reserve volunteers, based in Knutsford, Cheshire (England), in statements reported by the BBC.

The rescue team published a photo of the false hedgehog on their social media accounts, showing it in a box next to the plate of food that the poor woman had prepared for him.

“This adorable baby hedgehog received all the love, with a little TLC,” the charity tweeted. “Sometimes even the most touching stories They start with a hilarious twist“, they concluded.

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