The new gas prices come into force today: cuts in subsidies and sharp increases

The new gas prices come into force today: cuts in subsidies and sharp increases
The new gas prices come into force today: cuts in subsidies and sharp increases

Finally, the national government announced the most important cut in subsidies for natural gas networks so far, which will imply sharp increases in user bills.

The measure, signed by the Secretary of Energy, Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillo, will lead to increases of up to 10 times the current value of invoices.
One of the main changes announced is the double reduction of subsidies in the Patagonia region, which will mean final increases of up to 400% for residential users and up to 1000% for businesses. This measure, which seeks to reduce the alleged “waste of gas” in the region, will especially affect the gas-producing provinces.
«The rule details five major changes: the first is that there will be two different prices for gas throughout the year. One for the winter months, from May to September inclusive, and another for the temperate months, which this year are April, October, November and December, which in practice will cause the price of gas to return to the April to April level. from October » They commented from the Río Negro newspaper.
«The second big change is that the prices that users will pay are now set in dollars, and not in pesos. There the third change introduced overlaps, and that is that the value of the exchange rate to calculate its transfer to pesos will be done monthly, taking the current value from the 1st to the 15th of each month. they detailed.
«The fourth change is the one that harms Patagonian users the most since it effectively implies the elimination of the differential price that existed until now in the value of the cubic meter of gas. This measure, which was designed by the government that is convinced that in Patagonia gas is “wasted” due to its low price, will make the increases almost double in these provinces that – ironically – are the gas producers.” they explained.

These changes will imply a constant update of the price in pesos that will be paid for gas and the elimination of the differential price in Patagonia. With this measure, the government seeks to equalize the value of the cubic meter of gas in all regions of the country, although this means more significant increases in the southern provinces.
Users have already expressed their concern about these sharp increases in gas bills, which will significantly affect their domestic and business economies. Given this situation, various sectors are analyzing legal measures to reverse this high rate and look for solutions that allow a balance between energy costs and the purchasing power of the population. The discussion about access to essential services and tariff policy is more current than ever.
In conclusion, the cut in gas subsidies implemented by the national government will generate strong increases in user bills. The moments of economic uncertainty and the need to maintain a good tariff balance raise the urgency of seeking consensual solutions that take care of both the users’ economy and gas production in the country.


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