Section of line 5 of the metro will be without service for 10 hours, after a trailer overturns

The section of the line 5 of the Mexico City metro that runs from Pantitlan until consulate It will be without service for around 10 hours, due to the damage caused by a trailer that overturned over the perimeter fence.

After a preliminary review, the authorities ruled out any damage to the operational infrastructure of line 5 due to the truck overturning, reported the Mobility Secretariat (Semovi).

However, the trailer did cause damage to a retaining wall, made of cyclonic mesh, as well as a pedestrian bridge. These must be removed in sections, in order to guarantee the safety of those passing through the area, detailed Semovi.

Therefore, it is estimated that the maneuver will last about 10 hours, the secretariat warned through a statement broadcast on its networks. Due to this, the stations from Pantitlán to Consulate are closed.

However, in order not to affect users, Semovi made a free service available to citizens in the Passenger Transport Network (RTP), with 70 buses between the affected stations.

In turn, the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC) of the CDMX It will assist in the transfers of metro users with units of the corporation.

Likewise, it implemented a traffic operation in the central lanes of the Interior Circuit to serve traffic at the height of Av. 503, in the direction of Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

The rest of line 5 will operate normally.

Where and how to take the RTP trucks supporting line 5?

The RTP support units that offer support services to users of the L5 metro leave from the Platform A of the CETRAM Pantitlán, heading to Consulate. This is completely free and makes stops at all stations.

How will the damage to the subway be dealt with?

Four cranes were moved to the site, as well as approximately 100 workers to section and remove the structures, including cleaning personnel, firefighters, machinery operators, subway maintenance and civil protection.

After its removal, the manufacturing of the metal structures for the reconstruction of the pedestrian bridge will begin.

The workers have already started with the removal of the anti-suicide ramp structure, which is part of the Metro facilities.

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