Chicago Fire: why Rome Flynn left the series after six episodes | Derick Gibson | NBC series | nnda nnlt | FAME

Chicago Fire: why Rome Flynn left the series after six episodes | Derick Gibson | NBC series | nnda nnlt | FAME
Chicago Fire: why Rome Flynn left the series after six episodes | Derick Gibson | NBC series | nnda nnlt | FAME

After several successful seasons, NBC listened to fans of “Chicago Fire”, “Chicago PD” and “Chicago Med” and premiered new installments of its popular series on Peacock, which include the addition of new characters. However, series lovers were shocked to learn that Rome Flynn and his character Derrick Gibson say goodbye after just six episodes.

As recalled, the NBC series based on the franchise of “One Chicago” have accumulated more than 50 million viewers, which has been celebrated by Dick Wolfcreator of this universe of productions, who assured that “there will be 84 accumulated seasons” via Peacock.

Rome Flynn played Derrick Gibson in season 12 of “Chicago Med” (Photo: Rome Flynn / Instagram)


The character, played by actor Rome Flynn, had his first appearance in season 12 of the series as a former boxer who entered the force of Chicago Fire Fire Station 51 in the midst of demons for his past mistakes and sins.

In search of a new opportunity, the character had to overcome the guilt of accidentally causing the death of a rival in the ring, which torments him.

A character this complex, with marked nuances and a redemption story to be developed, looked like an important reinforcement for the new seasons of the series. However, his participation came to an end very quickly, because in episode six of the 2024 installment he said goodbye to the team.

In the March 27 episode, called “All the Dark,” Derrick Gibson will see his development affected by a nervous breakdown that revealed one of his main demons: a complicated addiction to medications that he tried to overcome with his work as a firefighter, but that came back stronger.

Because of this, Derrick left the firehouse to enter a treatment program in search of not repeating the same story and relapsing into addictions.


The character’s departure is not a narrative movement, as one might think, but is due to a decision by the network, which was confirmed by Rome Flynn himself on his social networks.

Curtain Call on Chicago Fire”was the actor’s message along with a thread of his best moments in season 12 of the series. The publication also stated that it is not a departure for the character to return episodes later, but rather it is a definitive farewell.

Similarly, Flynn spoke with Variety and revealed that his departure was due to a decision by the series’ producers and that he accepted it, although that did not make it easy for him to accept it.

Like all fans, I was sad to see Gibson leave.“, began the 32-year-old actor, who has also had appearances in productions such as “How to Get Away with Murder” either “The Bold and the Beautiful”.

Despite this, the artist has not ruled out his interest in playing Derrick Gibson again in an eventual return of the character to the fire department.

It was a character that I really enjoyed playing. I had a wonderful experience during my time on Chicago Fire and I have great respect for the cast and crew and look forward to teaming up with them again. Dick Wolf when the time is right”, he stated.

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