how kisses were banned

how kisses were banned
how kisses were banned

Irene Urdangarin is “very overwhelmed” and is even “afraid” to face the moment of her return to Spain because of the photos with Juan Urquijo. That her image appeared on the cover of the magazine ‘Hello!’ accompanied by Almeida’s brother-in-law, it has been a shock for her. Her family has informed her these days, before publication, and they assure that “has affected their well-being”.

The aforementioned magazine claims that they are a couple and that has caused them a lot of discomfort. Given this situation, furthermore, the family, especially her mother, Infanta Cristina, you are worried.

From Vanitatis we have contacted the young woman’s immediate family environment and friends of Infanta Cristina and Irene, and they all point out the same thing: Irene Urdangarin and Juan Urquijo have been friends since they were little and “last Christmas they took a step forward in their relationship.”

For the moment, they add, everything has stayed there, in a “step forward”, because Infanta Cristina’s daughter left in January. First, to Abu Dhabi to celebrate his grandfather’s birthday, King Juan Carlos I; later, to India with his mother; and finally to Cambodia, where he is now on a stay as a volunteer.

Pablo and Irene Urdangarin, at the funeral of Constantine of Greece. (Gthree)

The same sources assure that Irene and Juan are almost familythat this past Christmas they took that step forward in their friendship and insist that “it is not about falling in love or courtship, far from it. They are very young, it is something very, very incipient, and we will see what happens, although “She is currently focused on her volunteer work.”

Of course, they admit that the ‘special’ friends have remained in contact since Irene left for Cambodia: “They have called each other on the phone and written to each other” something that, as they point out, “does not mean that they are dating.” What’s more, they indicate that “if they had not taken that step forward, they would have maintained contact anyway.”

“We can’t talk about falling in love because, if Juan was as in love as they say, if it were a real relationship, he would have gone to Cambodia to see Irene and it hasn’t been like that, nor will it be like that. And she doesn’t want me to go either!” , say the aforementioned sources.

What’s more, they compare this relationship with that of Pablo Urdangarin and Johanna Zott. That is, a well-established couple, and they say it has nothing to do with it: “Johanna, for example, was at the birthday of Don Juan Carlos I and Juan does not. He wasn’t invited, and he knows the whole family.”

Where Juan was was at Princess Leonor’s birthday, last October, as a guest within her family group. “Don’t be confused with that too,” the family warns. “Juan was there because he is almost family and a friend to everyone since they were little”.

Irene Urdangarin, with her family, arriving at Princess Leonor’s birthday last October. (Gtres/JN)

However, rumors that Irene had a friend in whom she took a special interest They began among the young woman’s friends last November. It was precisely from her cousin Leonor’s party, when they saw Infanta Cristina’s daughter very entertained with Juan Urquijo.

His later presence in Madrid, in the Palacio de la Zarzuela, has made it easier for the couple to become more intimate. That these photographs appear, yes, has deeply bothered the family, Infanta Cristina included, because they consider that it is something “opportunistic”, that they have taken advantage of the pull of the wedding of Juan’s sister, Teresa, with José Luis Martínez -Almeida, mayor of Madrid.

These photographs, along with those that appeared a week ago showing Irene in the Cambodian camp, “They are interfering in the development of your cooperation stay and it is tremendously unfair“.

How the photos were taken (and those that remain to be seen)

It must be taken into account that more than three months have passed since the images were obtained. And, as we have learned, Neither the photographers nor the agencies that sold them already expected to see them published. They thought that, like other reports, they would stay in that ‘Hello’ box! about which there is so much talk.

But none of that: they were just stored until the right time came. And we can’t think of any better than the one at Almeida’s wedding, since his wife, Teresa Urquijo, is the sister of this very special friend of Irene Urdangarin.

It wasn’t easy taking these photos, of course. A paparazi with dedication, patience and time decided to bet on getting a report on the daughter of Infanta Cristina, taking advantage of the fact that spent a few days staying at the Zarzuela Palace. Luckily, Irene Urdangarin moves without escorts, which made the photographers’ work easier. The clothes that the couple is wearing in the images already give us a clue that they are not recent and we have been able to confirm that they were taken in January, after Christmas and before the young woman headed to India with her mother.

This report is one of those that, when you press the camera shutter, you already know that it will have a direct impact on the author’s bank account. The agencies that sign it have been absolutely tight-lipped when talking about amounts, but Yes, we have been able to know that it was sold for “a penny”. Forgive the expression, but this is how they convey it to us.

But perhaps the most important thing about the photos of Irene Urdangarin with Juan Urquijo is exactly what is not seen. Because the original report is not limited only to what we have seen published this Wednesday in the magazine ‘Hello!’: there were some images that remained in that aforementioned drawer in which they have been for three months.

They are – I’m sure you’ve guessed it – the ones that correspond to the kiss that the couple gives in the middle of the street. A sequence that has not come to light because, as they confirm to us, they have wanted to “respect” the family.

Irene’s future, shaped to escape photographers

Irene returns to Europe at the end of May or beginning of June – she still does not have return tickets. Setting foot in Madrid again to finally get your driving license – the practical part still remains – is now “a mountain for Irene”. At home, they fear that he does not want to return to Spain and assure that “no matter what happens, he will not live in Spain again, that is definitive.” Especially since he has become, having turned 18 not even a year ago, a character desired by the press.


Unpublished images and details of the trip of Infanta Cristina and Irene Urdangarin to India

Silvia Taulés

Maybe the fact that your previous relationship –that there was, Juan’s is not the firsta-, not jumping to the media could have made him think that he was not a paparazi target. But we have already verified in recent months that it is. A situation that has made him rethink his future. In September he will start at university, possibly in the United Kingdom, as his brothers Juan and Miguel did at the time. And “seeing how everything is going, the minimum and essential will go to Spain.” Under these circumstances, only time will tell what happens with the friendship between Irene and Juan and their “step forward.”

Shy, discreet, always protected by her parents and siblings, and totally oblivious to the media, Irene Urdangarin has seen what compensation must be paid for having had the privileges of being the granddaughter and niece of kings. And no, he doesn’t like her.

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