Dubai Rains A Flood: Is Cloud Seeding To Be Blamed? Know All About It

Dubai Rains A Flood: Is Cloud Seeding To Be Blamed? Know All About It
Dubai Rains A Flood: Is Cloud Seeding To Be Blamed? Know All About It

Intense rain in Dubai led to a flood-like situation recently and the world is in shock. While there are many reasons expected to have led to the calamity, reports say that this was the result of experimentation with cloud seeding. Read this article if you want to know more about this phenomenon.

Shocking Rainstorm And Flood In Dubai

The heaviest rainfall in 75 years was recorded in the United Arab Emirates which temporarily halted flights and flooded the city. The pictures and videos of the atrocity have been doing rounds on the internet since Tuesday. Since heavy rainfall is rare in that area, there is a lack of proper drainage systems to submerge the areas.

The UAE has been experimenting with cloud seeding for a while now and this recent unusual calamity has raised some questions about whether it is an unfortunate result of such experiments.

What Is Cloud Seeding?

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Cloud Seeding is a scientific phenomenon where you modify the weather artificially by manipulating existing clouds to increase rainfall and other forms of precipitation in an area. The UAE has been conducting these experiments under the operation started in the 1990s and 2000s, based in Abu Dhabi, Emirates, and Al Ain. It is believed to be an effective solution for the regions fighting drought.

Effects Of Cloud Seeding

There are a number of challenges and potential side effects that come with the scientific phenomenon of cloud seeding. It is believed that the chemicals used in the process are harmful to plants, animals and humans. There are some toxic elements used in the process like silver iodide which can prove to be hazardous and environmentally unfriendly (Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment).

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