Local paramedics need help after serious accident abroad

Local paramedics need help after serious accident abroad
Local paramedics need help after serious accident abroad

The communities of Chatham-Kent and the London area are rallying behind two paramedics who were seriously hurt while on vacation in Costa Rica.

Sarah Henderson, a CK paramedic, and her wife Venessa Sidelnyk, a London paramedic, were seriously injured in an All-Terrain Vehicle accident. Sarah suffered severe head trauma, a brain bleed, and was in a coma. Venessa sustained broken ribs and a possible spinal injury.

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help them financially as they stay in a hospital in a foreign country.

On Wednesday, their daughter (and one of the fundraising organizers) Avery Parker said they are both in a private hospital in stable condition to receive “proper care”, but the hope is to get them home soon.

“My mom is not in a condition to be able to fly. I have heard mixed information on whether or not my mom is fit to be transported to another hospital on the ground. However, I need them both out of where they are as soon as possible,” Parker said. “It has been an absolute nightmare trying to get them both the proper care that they need. I have been in contact with multiple people from the Canadian Embassy in Costa Rica, Blue Cross health insurance, and many friends and family members who are trying to assist the best they can from a distance. I am so thankful for everyone that has been trying to help. I am trying my best to fix the situation from down here but things seem to be moving much too slowly.”

Parker said she and her brother Everett will be staying in Costa Rica until they can ensure the health and safety of their parents.

“Sarah and Venessa spend their lives in service of others as paramedics in both Chatham-Kent and London, let us reciprocate by helping them now, by donation and prayer. They need our love and support like never before,” said fundraising organizers.

Organizers also noted that on Tuesday Sarah opened her eyes and had a few words with her son Everett. She doesn’t recall the accident.

The goal is to raise $20,000 and organizers are thanking everyone who has supported and shared so far, calling them all “absolute treasures.”

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