Lisandra Lizama reveals herself on OnlyFans: This time she SHOWS EVERYTHING on the adult platform | Mauricio Diez Canseco | VIDEO | SHOW BUSINESS | SHOWS

Lisandra Lizama, who was the wife of Mauricio Diez Cansecoabandoned his great musical ambition to venture into the platform OnlyFans. Known as ‘Leoncita’, a nickname given by ‘Brad Pizza’, she chose to put aside her singing career to dedicate herself completely to sharing content on the adult platform.

The Cuban model and singer came to our country with big dreams, including marrying a mature and financially stable man, as well as continuing to develop as a singer.

Magaly Medina mentioned before publishing the controversial news about Mauricio Diez Canseco’s ex-partner: “AND“She asks you, like any Only girl, for some coins to send you a little gift.”

“We took up a collection and gave the reporter some coins to send him a gift (…) Onlyfans is still alive and well and no one has disappeared from the social network that they initially threatened to close.”

According to the report, model Lisandra Lizama was showing little on the Onlyfans platform, but now she has chosen to show more and has increased the subscription cost from $32.50 to $50 in a short time.

In addition to her presence on the platform dedicated to content exclusively for adults, the ex-wife of Mauricio Diez Canseco also occasionally participates in the popular comedy program “La Casa de la Comedia”, broadcast on YouTube. In this program, the Cuban shares the stage with Danny Rosales and Luigui Carbajal.

Lisandra Lizama: what are her hottest photos?


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