One dead and several injured after an explosion in the US

One dead and several injured after an explosion in the US
One dead and several injured after an explosion in the US

An explosion rocked the Calso military base in Babylon province, south of Baghdad, on Friday night, resulting in the death of at least one person and leaving several others injured. The base is known for housing the Popular Mobilization Forces of Iraq, or Hashed al-Shaabi, a coalition of pro-Iranian armed groups.

According to information provided by an Interior Ministry source and a military officer to The Times of Israel, the explosion was neither preceded nor accompanied by the detection of drones or fighter jets in the airspace. which intensifies doubts about the nature and origin of the incident.

The Hashed al-Shaabi group confirmed in a statement that the “explosion” had caused “material losses” in its facilities and stated that investigators are already on the scene assessing the damage and possible causes of the incident. However, specific details about the number of injuries have not yet been released.

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“The explosion affected equipment, weapons and vehicles,” the ministry source detailed, describing a scenario of significant destruction within the military base. Although the exact causes of the incident remain a subject of speculation, The authorities have not yet identified a clear person responsible.

In a prompt response to the speculation, the US military, through a statement published by the US Central Command (CENTCOM) on platform X, denied any involvement: “The United States has not carried out airstrikes in Iraq today”, reiterating that reports of an alleged American attack “were not true.”

The context of this explosion is particularly tense, given that some groups within the PMF have carried out attacks against US forces based in Iraq and Syria in recent months. These attacks, as statedwere retaliation for Washington’s support for Israel in its conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Regarding rumors of a possible Israeli connection to the incident, an Israeli official told CNN that Israel has no connection with the explosions in Iraq. Similarly, the Israel Defense Forces refrained from commenting on the information circulating in foreign media.

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The Hashed al-Shaabi, which was originally formed to combat the Islamic State terrorist group, is now part of Iraq’s regular security apparatus. The integration of this group into the security forces has been both a point of stability and controversy due to its strong ties to Iran and its political influence within the country.

The circumstances surrounding the explosion at the Calso base remain unclear. “The fire continues and the search for injured continues“said the military officer, underlining the serious situation at the scene of the accident.

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