‘Come on, guys, you really thought I was crazy?’

‘Come on, guys, you really thought I was crazy?’
‘Come on, guys, you really thought I was crazy?’

By Alex Raskin

08:02 21 Apr 2024, updated 08:04 21 Apr 2024

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To hear Ryan Garcia explain his upset victory over Devin Haney at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on Saturday, the credit goes to the Lord.

‘God did it,’ Garcia told screaming fans after dropping the heavily favored Haney three times en route to a majority-decision win. ‘My heavenly father Jesus Christ, I give you all the glory.’

As for his bizarre antics leading up to the fight — troubling behavior that ranged from flirting with reporters to threatening sexual violence on attendees at Friday’s weigh-in — well that was all Garcia’s doing.

‘Come on, guys, you really thought I was crazy?’ Garcia asked the crowd following boxing’s biggest upset of 2024.

But if all of his antics were part of some elaborate act, Garcia was still in character early Sunday morning. At his post-fight press conference, he admitted that he drank every night leading up to the bout.

Ryan Garcia celebrates after defeating Devin Haney in a fight at Barclays Center

‘I walked through the fire and still held it down and still beat f***ing Devin Haney,’ he said alongside promoter Oscar De La Hoya. ‘And [I] still drank every day and I beat him. And I smoked. ‘What the f***?’

Garcia’s revelation was met with applause from his entourage at the post-fight press conference, but he quickly added that he’s ‘not necessarily proud of that.’

So why did he tell everyone?

As I explained, he wanted to prove ‘you can’t f*** with me; I do what I want.’

And on Saturday, or the early hours of Sunday on the East Coast, Garcia did exactly that.

After reportedly undergoing a mental health evaluation from the New York State Athletic Commission before the fight, Garcia, it turns out, was fit for the ring. Not only that, his failure to make the 140-pound weight limit appeared to be an advantage as he bullied the smaller Haney.

Garca thanked the Lord and then acted as though his behavior was part of an elaborate act

Still, that doesn’t make his behavior any less troubling. Aside from the silly nonsense on Garcia’s social media feeds, he made serious allegations that he was the victim of child sexual abuse.

But to many, it was hard to take those claims seriously when so many other absurd things were coming out of his mouth: He claimed murdered rapper Tupac is alive, he said he was deceased after having his throat slashed, and at various times he made sexually explicit threats to his critics.

And outside of his Tupac theories, he repeated all of that stuff at the post-fight press conference.

‘I heard that my reputation was on the line, I had everyone thinking I was crazy,’ he said.

‘Am I tripping?’ Garcia asked reporters. ‘You’re always tripping. Not me. You guys are tripping. I was I was the one that was actually with sanity because I’m like, ”Yo, they’re hurting other kids. Let’s help them.”

‘That’s called being a real man because I don’t give af*** what people say about me.’

Ryan Garcia taunts Devin Haney at the end of Saturday’s fight at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

But while he claims not to care about his critics, Garcia called them out again after his win — and he did so with the same vulgar rhetoric that has defined the promotion for Saturday’s bout.

‘Timothy Bradley can suck my d***!’ Garcia said of the retired boxer.

Fight fans will probably never know how much of Garcia’s behavior was schtick and how much he was a genuine cry for help. Even De La Hoya admitted that his brown hair had turned gray this week dealing with Garcia’s behavior.

And while Garcia was suggesting that some of his behavior was an act, he did admit in the end that there were some other ‘crazy-ass’ things that went on in the background.

‘This whole fight week was crazy,’ he said. ‘You have no clue.’

Nothing at this point would be surprising.

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