Dulceida and Alba Paul reveal the sex of their baby

Dulceida and Alba Paul reveal the sex of their baby
Dulceida and Alba Paul reveal the sex of their baby

It was a few weeks ago when influencers Dulceida and Alba Paul made social media go crazy after announcing that they were expecting their first baby together. The queen of social networks is the one expecting the baby, and the news caused quite a stir in the media. This Sunday, the couple reveals the sex of the baby, highly anticipated news among their community of followers on social networks, which between them exceeds four million Internet users. Alba and Aida are expecting a girl, as they revealed this Sunday through an emotional video.

“Good morning! It’s today, it’s today, it’s today!” Dulceida said this Sunday morning through her broadcast channel. “I dreamed that I woke up, we went upstairs where we do the reveal and everything was pink and blue (we don’t do anything with colors because it doesn’t identify us) and I said to Alba: ‘And now what do we do?'” the influencer revealed, adding emoticons crying with laughter. It was this Saturday when the content creator announced that it would be this Sunday when they would reveal the sex of the baby.

Dulceida shows the bets of her friends and family for the revelation of the baby’s sex

Instagram / Dulceida

For this big day, both have gathered their loved ones at the spectacular Mas Tapiolas resort, located in Santa Cristina d’Aro, a beautiful town on the Catalan Costa Brava. On a canvas, you could see how those attending the party were betting on whether she would be a girl or a boy. On the left side, you could see ‘boy team’, while on the right you could read ‘girl team’. There, the guests wrote down their names according to their bet. In addition, it was the singer Dani Fernández who enlivened the party.

“SO HAPPY, looking forward to meeting you little one,” said Dulceida in a video shared on Instagram, in which they appear surrounded by white smoke and white balloons, and pulling a giant bow that reveals the word “girl.” That’s when all the couple’s loved ones run to them and hug them. In the background, the theme plays Let’s Dance of Fernandez.

Media whirlwind

The commented pregnancy announcement on social networks

It was on April 2 when the couple revealed, after weeks of speculation, that they are expecting their first child together. “Your moms are looking forward to you,” they said in a joint publication in which three very familiar and loving photographs also appeared. The content creators gave each other kisses and hugs along with the first ultrasound of the offspring that is on their way, visibly excited.

Alba herself made it clear in her Instagram stories that they are “equally happy as they are scared.” Something that, despite everything, is clear that “it will be worth it.” If one thing is clear, it is that love is assured in this family that is about to be formed before the end of the year, and that both influencers could not be happier with the idea of ​​letting the world know the sex of their offspring.

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