Carolina Yuste sweeps the red carpet

Carolina Yuste sweeps the red carpet
Carolina Yuste sweeps the red carpet

The red carpet of the Platinum Awards It is a parade of stars of Ibero-American audiovisual culture. Artists from film, television and music walk along this unique catwalk that mixes talent and fashion. The tenth edition was held in Madrid and this, the eleventh, is held in the Xcaret Park, in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Being an event that unites Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, fashion crosses borders and we can enjoy the work of designers and brands from different places, from Teresa Helbig to Michael Costello, who is going to dress the members of the duo Nebulossa in his performance at the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

They bet hard to stand out, to get the cover photo, to accumulate likes and, above all, to climb positions on the list of the most elegant. Actresses such as Carolina Yuste, Blanca Suárez and Lola Dueñas. Director Juan Antonio Bayona, happy because The Snow Society leads the nominations, coincides with artists like David Bisbal, one of the singers who entertains the gala. One of the great protagonists of the night is Cecilia Roth, winner of the Platinum Honor Award: we saw her on the Goya red carpet, within the Almodóvar clan, and now at this event that is so familiar to her.

Elena S. Sánchez presents the red carpet in a Marchesa dress

Ana Guerra and Víctor Elías

A fashionable couple: Ana Guerra and Víctor Elias at the Platino Awards in Cancún, Mexico

The Spanish Ana Guerra and Víctor Elías They pose happily at the Platinum Awards. The singer is one of the confirmed performances of the gala and for the red carpet she has chosen a daring black dress that stands out for the set of straps that cross over the top part of it. Víctor has chosen a more informal look.

Ana Mena in white

The singer Ana Mena

Singer Ana Mena dazzles with this sophisticated dress from the Spanish brand Redondo Brand that gives all the prominence to the upper part, with a corseted bodysuit. White is, without a doubt, the star color of this red carpet.

Carolina Yuste changes her style

Radical change: Carolina Yuste at the Platinum Awards in Cancún, Mexico

The actress Carolina Yustewhich was nominated by Know that, It surprises with a different style than what we are used to. The actress wears a dress Michael Costello in black, with a corset waist, a risky opening in the front of the skirt and an elegant ballet neckline. She completes the look with white brand black boots and as jewelry she wears a aircuff by Marina García.

Luz Méndez with Isabel Sanchís dress

Isabel Sanchís dresses Luz Méndez at the 2024 Platino Awards

The Spanish actress Luz Mendez Slay with this midnight gray silk dress from the Valencian brand Isabel Sanchís. It is an elegant dress that stands out for its apparent simplicity and that leaves all the prominence to the soleil pleat that radiates from the waist.

Marc Clotet with Pedro del Hierro look

The actor Marc Clotet It has attracted attention for its original look, with a soft style. Her suit, in raw linen, is combined with a tank top and a neckerchief, an accessory that replaces the tie. A design from the Pedro del Hierro house.

Esmeralda Pimentel with a very sensual black dress

Esmeralda Pimentel at the Platinum Awards in Cancun, Mexico

The actress Esmeralda Pimentel She is, along with Majida Issa, one of the presenters of the gala of the eleventh edition of the Platino Awards. To step onto the red carpet, she has chosen this young and groundbreaking black dress, which nods to the eighties aesthetic. The asymmetrical pattern adds a groundbreaking touch to the dress.

Cecilia Roth, Honorary Platinum Award

Cecilia Roth with a dress by designer Javier Saiach.

The Argentine actress Cecilia Roth She is wearing an olive green shirt and skirt set by designer Javier Saiach.

Maticeyski Saura Sea

Spectacular, Mar Saura with an outfit by Toni Maticevski

The actress and presenter Saura Sea She stands out with her two pieces by Toni Maticevski, composed of an asymmetrical top, which bare one of the shoulders, and a straight skirt with a mermaid tail and train.

Lola Dueñas with Teresa Helbig dress

Actress Lola Dueñas, from ‘La Mesías’, with a Teresa Helbig dress

The actress wears a beautiful design of glitter plumetti with velvet ribbons building a herringbone motif. It belongs to the WunderKammer collection and was the one that opened the show. A dress by Teresa Helbig, her current designer, who has dressed her in recent events.

Maite Alberdi with Yolancris dress

Director Maite Alberdi with a tailor-made dress by Yolancris

The Chilean director Maite Alberdi once again achieves another success with his documentary The infinite memory. After the Goya comes the Platinum Award and she receives it with a dress from the Spanish brand Yolancris, which last year dressed Antonia Zeggers and through her she got to know the brand. She “She is a talented woman, with incredible sensitivity and this black dress of transparencies and rhinestones, with shoulders highlighted with black feathers, fits her like a glove.”

Majida Issa with a Jorge Duque Vélez dress

Majida Issa at the 2024 Platinum Awards

The actress Majida Issa, winner of the Platinum Award in 2023 for News of a kidnapping, is one of the presenters of this eleventh edition. For this red carpet she has opted heavily for the color red, with a design by Colombian designer Jorge Duque Vélez.

Enzo Vogrincic with a classic look

Actor Enzo Vogrincic, from ‘The Snow Society’

Enzo Vogrincic, one of the protagonists of The Snow Society He hits the red carpet with force, with a commitment to the most classic style: two-piece black suit and white shirt. The actor dispenses with the tie and the bow tie, to give a casual touch to his look.

Serrano Mine

Mina Serrano at the Platinum Awards in Cancun, Mexico

The Spanish actress Mina Serrano, famous for playing Cris Miró (protagonist of the novel The evil ones, by Camila Sosa Villada) She wears one of the most powerful looks of the night: a corset body, with a sculptural style, like those of Tom Ford and Issey Miyake, and a black skirt with transparent silk.

Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio

The look of the Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio

After the success of Romeby Alfonso Cuarón, the Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio She has become a fashion icon and has starred in fashion editorials for the most prestigious magazines. For this red carpet at the Platino Awards, she has chosen a draped dress in a mauve tone, with a strapless neckline, and a shawl in a different tone to play with contrast.

Gaby Espino with a sensual look in white satin

Gaby Espino at the Platino Awards in Cancun, Mexico

The Venezuelan actress and presenter Gaby Espino Surprise with this summery, sensual and very flattering look. A two-piece design, with a top and long skirt with a small train, made of silk satin. A piece with a vintage feel, reminiscent of the looks of the nineties. A complete success.

Matías José Ferreira with a pink and white tuxedo

The Uruguayan footballer Matías José Ferreira

The Uruguayan footballer Matías José Ferreira He has surprised everyone with this look. His choice, risky but successful, consists of a two-piece tuxedo, with a white jacket and pants. The pink details stand out, a tone that colors the lapels, the sash and the bow tie.

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