He beat five elderly people to death after committing break-ins in Austria

He beat five elderly people to death after committing break-ins in Austria
He beat five elderly people to death after committing break-ins in Austria

Sassak was son of a bricklayer and a worker and his life was full of work: it was plumber and later did military service in the army from 1966 to 1969 in the Lainz hospital as an assistant.

After suffering from jaundice, did not bring medical confirmation to his employer, he was fired, while later He resigned from his later job as a pastry chef.

His family, friends and superiors described him as a very friendly and helpful being, and he always did very well at school, so did not receive any disciplinary sanction by the army.

One day an old woman approached him, He asked if he could repair his gas appliance and then gave him a tipdeveloped an idea that called the “gas trick.”

Between August 31, 1970 and February 12, 1972, it was gas factory employee and took advantage of older people They wanted to check their equipment.

Killed and escaped

As soon as he knew where there were hidden fundsdiverted his victim, for example, asking for a glass of water. If they caught him in the act, killed the person in question and then he escaped.

Anyway, He had an accomplice named Johann Sharaditsch, whom he had met in a liquor store and which helped him to commit the murders.

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The survivors testified before the police and said that a robust and friendly man He had reached the entrance and said: “The gas man is here!”.

Furthermore, witnesses described him as a guy who was always well dressed, I had an ID card and apparently valid experience.

Once I know gained the trust of the victims and they relaxed, their true criminal intention appeared: He threw them to the floor, robbed them, killed them and then he escaped.

A neighbor of one of the victimsa graphic designer, obtained a facial composition very accurate of the attacker made by the office draftsman. Therefore, the search became more concrete and in fact a waiter from the hotel Reiser recognized the man as Sassak for its facial composition.

The witness led the officials to the culprit, which at that time was drinking a glass of wine. One of his victims identified him at the hotel and Sassak was arrested. On the way to the office, He confessed his crimes.

Serial killer killed elderly people.jpg

The arrest of the “Gas Killer” was possible due to an identikit prepared after the testimony of several people

On January 22, 1974 Sassak trial began and the reading of the indictment It lasted more than an hour. In that sense, he confessed to his crimes, but stated that He did not participate in any murder.

violent deaths

The medical examiner said Richard Langer, 79, and Josefa Fierlinger, 86, died for a more than violent attack, while Aloisia Meschnark, 69, died of kidney failure 17 days after being hospitalizedand Rosa Schwarz, 66, died later of seven days of concussion.

Likewise, María Aberle, 86, and Eleonore Hauer, 85, died after ten days of pneumoniabut according to the report, there was a connection between the death of women and the use of force.

In the case of Gabriele Hammer, who died 54 days after being attacked for Sassak, they could no longer find evidence of violence.

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On February 7, 1974, Sassak was convicted of robbery to Josefa Fierlinger, predatory homicide by Richard Langer, Aloisia Meschnark, Rosa Schwarz, Maria Aberle and Eleonore Hauer, as well as by robbery and theft in nine cases, so it finally was he is sentenced to life imprisonment.

Meanwhile, his accomplice, Johann Sharaditsch, was guilty of theft, robbery in two cases and theft in two cases and sentenced to 18 years in prison.

The murderer died on August 21, 2013 as consequence of a prolonged illness in a nursing home in Lower Austria, after being released from prison shortly after spend more than 39 years behind bars.

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