Securitas Direct launches the only alarm with smart lock in Spain

Securitas Direct launches the only alarm with smart lock in Spain
Securitas Direct launches the only alarm with smart lock in Spain

Securitas Direct launches the only alarm with smart lock in Spain

Securitas Direct, The leading company in total protection of people, homes and small businesses, continues to set the standards of the security industry with the launch of its new alarm, a pioneer in the market as it is the only one that includes, as an additional element, a smart lock. .

Thus, it provides an extra layer of security to the home by integrating a maximum security anti-theft cylinder (verified with SKG*** certification) resistant to the most advanced theft techniques: bumping, drilling, lock picking and extraction. In addition, it incorporates Autolock, a functionality that automatically closes the door to always keep it safe, when the user leaves home or at the time they choose.

“Our alarm with smart lock comes to provide unprecedented protection against intrusions, by reinforcing the door and generating an immediate alert in case of tampering. But it also makes the daily lives of customers safer, who, for example, will be able to give access to third parties without having to give them a copy of the keys: now, they can open and close from their mobile phone, comfortably and safely. ”explains Nina Llordachs, Director of Marketing Acquisition at Securitas Direct.

Remote opening, for the first time, to emergency services

Under the premise of guaranteeing maximum security against intrusions, but also of helping clients in the event of any emergency or domestic accident, the alarm with smart lock allows, for the first time, the remote opening of the home door from the Central Securitas Direct Alarm Receiver so that police, healthcare or firefighters can access without delay.

A functionality that strives to continue reinforcing the comprehensive security of people that the company is committed to and is that more than 10% of the real alarm jumps that Securitas Direct registered in 2023 were emergencies.

80% of thefts occur through the door

Precisely, the company in its latest study by the Securitas Direct Observatory reveals that 8 out of every 10 intrusions in the home occur through the main door. This access is also the one that worries Spaniards the most (41%), twice as much as any other access such as the terrace (18%), the patio (17%), the balcony (16%) or the door. from the garage (15%).

These concerns are also reflected in the security measures installed, since 84% of cases claim to have at least one protection measure at the door.

The report also reveals that 60% of people have between 3 and 5 copies of their keys that they share with third parties for greater peace of mind. A fact that 40% of the population in Spain does not feel comfortable with. Aware of this, Securitas Direct has incorporated into its new alarm the possibility of opening the door safely from your mobile phone, eliminating that worrying factor.

Three years of in-house development and pilot projects in several European countries

The integration of the pioneering smart lock into the Securitas Direct alarm system has required three years of work and has involved a multidisciplinary team of more than 200 expert engineers from the Securitas Direct R&D hub, the largest of Europe specialized in security and with offices in Madrid, Geneva and Mälmo.

Furthermore, to guarantee the highest quality and reliability of the smart lock, they have applied the highest testing standards and pilot projects in Holland, Germany, Italy, France and Spain in order to guarantee the success of the device and excellence in customer service. protection.

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