‘A well-organized fraud,’ says investors of Grupo Peak, who declared bankruptcy

‘A well-organized fraud,’ says investors of Grupo Peak, who declared bankruptcy
‘A well-organized fraud,’ says investors of Grupo Peak, who declared bankruptcy

Monterrey, Nuevo León.- Grupo Peak investors live in the midst of great anguish because their capital ‘vanished’, after the company, based in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo Leónwas declared in bankruptcy. Given this, there are suspicions that its founding partners took the assets to another company.

According to versions of former employees, the Financial groupwhich was described as a diversified investment portfolio with a presence in more than 19 states of Mexico and a portfolio of over 250 million pesos, was nothing more than a fraud well assembled.

Each client entered the business with an investment of between 500 thousand to one million pesos, and according to estimates, the losses could exceed the 800 million pesos.

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“Grupo Peak offered returns to investors, which were technically lenders to the enterprise”said one of the Group’s former employees, who preferred to remain anonymous.

He indicated that one of the company’s units corresponded to real estate, that is, buying and selling land in Colorado, USA.

This company offered returns to its lendersbecause really the contract was: the person with capital I lent him money to the company to do the investments and thus offer attractive returns”he stated.

He mentioned that this was the scheme that the Group was selling and it basically consisted of raising capital.

They told you that you had a very diversified investment and then they began to open up to invest in others business, more so with assets that are not so much investment. He had been raising capital for more than two years and all the investors were very happy because they did give those returns that they promised him. That was his success in gaining the trust of the people.”he explained.

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However, in the middle of last year they invested in some land in Colorado and opened a new unit called Peak Land, was added.

However, they brought irregularities in land prices because they bought at a lower price and offered them much higher.

“They were setting the prices 5X above what they bought it for,” he pointed out.

Later, the company opened another business unit called Trans Peakdedicated to the business of Logistics with trailers and lift truck.

“Everything was with the same capital from the investors,” he pointed.


After declaring bankruptcy, former employees said that in order to respond to the investors who entrusted their capital, the company is doing a liquidity analysis of assets, to offer the highest percentage of recovery.

However, everything seems to indicate that the land that was in the name of the American subsidiary of the company, they no longer belong to it.

They changed the land into the name of another company or person. So this was already being planned… With this you realize that there is literally a probability that they did not leave the company with any assets.“, he claimed.

The former employee established that the losses could be about 800 million pesos.

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For his part, one of the affected investors, who also gave his testimony anonymously, revealed that he entered with an amount much less than one million pesosbut they were his life savings.

“In general, I approached the company because they had very good Cup of performance, they projected to be a fairly safe company. The truth is that they put it together very well,” he commented.

“D.They said they had very great support: propertieslands that in the United States, that here in Mexico”, he said.

“TThey give security as a client that it is something serious. That’s the type of situation that you say, well, let’s go. The employees also gave me a trustbecause there were people known in the environment, influencers”he quoted.

He was with the company since mid- 2023 and at first everything went well.

In theory, in April ,They should have paid me, normally they paid every quarter, and the first week arrived they didn’t pay, the second week arrived and I said ‘what’s up’. I spoke to the people inside who were the ones I had contact with and they said there was no transfersthat something was happening, that if a problem banks. Indeed, by the third week they picked up the phone and they told me: there is a mega problem and everyone is in shock”, he recounted.

At the moment, they do not know what will happen with what they invested because they have only been contacted by Zoom.

“They have not given explanations… They do not say that it is by law, nor have they given me attention as a client,” he pointed out.

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