The Senate approves starting the pension reform on July 1 of the next year

The Senate approves starting the pension reform on July 1 of the next year
The Senate approves starting the pension reform on July 1 of the next year

In recent weeks, the National Government achieved unblock the political discussion on some of the postulates of the pension reform, among those, go down the threshold for contribution and the management of pension resources.

On this point, the Government agreed to control the resources from Colpensiones and analyzed the options on the table, among them, the creation of a new entity, which would be the National Savings Fund. or that were controlled by the Board of Directors of the Banco de la República.

In addition, the Government also agreed to lower andl contribution threshold from three legal minimum salaries to 2.3 salaries, after an agreement reached with the Liberal party bench.

“ANDthe bulk of the reform is. Tomorrow (today) is the last day that we have in the time limit and we hope that the Senate finishes completing the task to deliver this project so that it continues its passage in the House of Representatives“said the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírez, at the end of this Monday’s vote.

The plenary session was held relatively quickly, since the 23 articles remaining for today’s session were approved in just over two hours of debate. Some members of the opposition left the premises in protest, but the quorum was not broken.

Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The pension reform bill was approved in the Senate

With a majority of votes, they approved the validity of article 93, and the block of articles that remained to be discussed in order to approve the Pension Reform Law project in the Senate of the Republic. It will now go to two debates in the House of Representatives.

The Senate plenary denies the proposal valid for 2027 and 2026

The Senate Plenary denied the proposals to begin the pension reform in 2027 and on January 1, 2026.

The Senate Plenary approved the proposal to begin the pension reform on July 1, 2025. “Today, dialogue, consensus and truth won. We are going to reduce the extreme poverty gaps of the elderly,” said the senator. speaker Martha Peralta Epieyú.

New proposed articles are denied, Art. 76 is approved

The Senate denied three articles proposed by Senator Paloma Valencia, as well as two new proposals by other senators.

Article 76 is voted on and approved.

Senate approves new block of six articles

The Senate plenary approved a new block of six articlesthree of them with modifying proposals that were endorsed by the Government.

New articles approved They were 74, 86, 87, 90, 91 and 92. This completes 89 articles that They have passed the second debate and only six remain to approve the entire pension reform.

The approval was given with 49 votes in favor and only four against.

New proposal to article 91 is denied

The Senate Plenary denied a new proposal without Government endorsement, this time, to article 91 of the pension reform presented by Senator Carlos Fernando Motoa.

Article 91 forms an Operational Transition Committee of the Comprehensive Social Protection System for Old Age, which is in charge of monitoring the transfer of affiliates between Colpensiones and the Administrators of the Contributory Pillar of the Complementary Component of Individual Savings.

The proposal was denied with a vote 47 against versus seven in favor

A proposal to article 90 was denied

The Senate Plenary denied a proposal to the articleo 90 of the pension reform presented by Senator Carolina Espitia.

The article deals with the early old-age pension due to disability so that they have the right to an early old-age pension, people who suffer from a physical, mental or sensory deficiency of 50% or morethat they comply 50 years of age for women and 55 years of age for men.

A block of five articles is approved

The Senate Plenary approved five articles of the pension reform en bloc (Articles: 75, 77, 30, 35 and 34) which adds up to 83 of the 95 contained in the project.

In that sense, almost 90% of the pension reform has been approved so far and There are only 12 articles left for the project to pass its second debate.

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