Mexico and NASA bet on space cooperation

Mexico and NASA bet on space cooperation
Mexico and NASA bet on space cooperation

The Government of Mexico and NASA met to reaffirm space, technological and environmental cooperation.

Fatima Guadarrama

He Government of Mexico and the POT held a meeting to reaffirm the joint efforts in matters of space exploration, consequences of the climate change and improvements in exploitation of the water.

President, Andrés Manuel López Obrador he met with Bill Nelsondirector of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and with the ambassador of the United States in Mexico, Ken Salazar.

The meeting took place in National Palacewhere issues of air space, technological cooperation and climate change.

During your visit, Bill Nelson and the deputy administrator, Pamela Melroythey set their sights on water management. This in the midst of the water crisis that the country is going through.

The American ambassador, Ken Salazaralso highlighted the issue of water use:

“NASA selected two projects in collaboration with the International Boundary Waters Commission. The first, focused on improving hydrological forecasting in the Rio Grande basin and, the second, to use remote sensing to estimate the interaction between surface and groundwater.”

They also talked about the management of tools to measure the pollution and the air quality. The goal is to make better decisions forest fires and Emissions of greenhouse gases”. Likewise, they discussed the monitoring of the North American air quality to have parameters in real time.

On their social networks, Lopez Obrador He explained that they agreed to open new channels of cooperation among the holders of the POT and the Mexican government to contemplate the use of satellites that guarantee communications throughout the national territory.

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