Joint declaration of the Patagonian mayors in repudiation of the gas tariff

Joint declaration of the Patagonian mayors in repudiation of the gas tariff
Joint declaration of the Patagonian mayors in repudiation of the gas tariff

In a document that they released, they stated that “in our capacity as Mayors of different localities in Patagonia, we express our most energetic repudiation of the indiscriminate increase in Natural Gas rates ordered by the National Government for generating serious and irreparable damage for all. users from the Argentine Republic, but particularly from our Patagonian region.”

They maintained that it is “an arbitrary and tremendously harmful decision for all our localities and is part of an adjustment process promoted by the President of the Nation whose sole objective is to benefit certain corporations to the detriment of our people.”

In the letter, they recalled that “the increases approved by ENARGAS Resolution No. 122/2,024 range from 360% to 1,000%, creating unpayable rates for residential users in our localities. Again in the Public Hearings called by the National Government we had to listen to officials justifying their decisions in that the Patagonian Provinces are the ones that consume the most gas and that it is necessary to “rationalize consumption” to generate “savings” in the public coffers, without “We think that the use of gas in our towns is essential throughout the year, but especially in winter, where temperatures rarely exceed 5° C.”

“Added to this are the attempts to repeal Cold Zone Law No. 27,637, the attempt to modify the subsidy scheme to impose criteria that will undoubtedly exclude almost all users in our region, and the elimination of the Transportation Compensation Fund. in an economic context of recession and accelerated increase in poverty,” they indicated.

Finally, they expressed: “on behalf of the neighbors who have elected us, we call on the National Government to review its actions, reflect on its management program, and accompany the Argentines in a catastrophic and unprecedented socioeconomic situation.” They assumed the joint commitment to carry out all the necessary institutional, political and judicial actions “to prevent the execution of government acts that constitute a true subjugation of the most basic rights of the people of Patagonia. We are convinced that government decisions that affect the lives of our communities should not be defined exclusively on a spreadsheet, but rather should be made with a true federal perspective, thinking about the well-being of the entire population.”

The document was signed by Pablo Grasso, mayor of Río Gallegos; Marcos Castro, mayor of Viedma; Otar Macharashvill, from Comodoro Rivadavia and Martín Pérez from Río Grande.

SOURCE: TiempoSur.

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