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Two co-defendants convicted and sentenced in North Central District Court last year on counts of Class AA felony murder and Class A felony accomplice to murder have progressed their appeals of their convictions to oral arguments before the North Dakota Supreme Court.

Matthew Anderson, 36, Minot, and Regina Goodale, 36, Minot, were both convicted for their roles in the murder of Regina Goodale’s estranged husband Wade Goodale in 2022 after three days of testimony and three hours of deliberation by the jury in June 2023.

Regina Goodale’s appeal was filed shortly after she was sentenced by Judge Todd Cresap in November 2023 to serve 35 years with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Goodale is appealing the verdict on the grounds that the court erred in denying a motion for acquittal and that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to justify the jury’s verdict finding her guilty as Anderson’s accomplice. Goodale requested a change of counsel for her appeal and is now represented by attorney Kiara Kraus-Parr.

Kraus-Parr’s brief filed with the Supreme Court cited four issues to be brought forward at oral arguments, saying, improper instructions were provided to the jury, the district court erred in finding sufficient evidence existed to convict Goodale, the pair’s cases were improperly joined, and the sentence imposed was illegal.

Anderson, who was sentenced by Cresap to life without parole, also filed his appeal in November, arguing the court erred in denying a motion for acquittal, and the State had failed to prove his case beyond a shadow of a doubt. Anderson also requested a change of counsel and is represented by court appointed attorney Samuel Gereszek for his appeal.

Matthew Anderson

Gereszek argued in his brief that errors were created when the State failed to ensure the probable cause affidavit was finalized and ready for the Court’s review at its initial appearance and that Anderson had not intended to kill Wade Goodale when he attacked him the evening of Feb. 4, 2022. Gereszek also called into question the testimony of witness Whitney Racine, who he said had lied to law enforcement multiple times before pleading guilty to reduced charges for her role in luring Wade Goodale outside her home to be confronted by Anderson.

Ward County State’s Attorney Roza Larson rebuffed the appeals in her briefs, contending Anderson was identified as Wade Goodale’s assailant and killer, that he was caused, induced and commanded to do so by Regina Goodale, that their conduct was willful, and that they were both found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

Oral arguments for Goodale began Tuesday afternoon, and Anderson’s is scheduled for Tuesday.

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