NASA meets with members of the Mexican aerospace industry

NASA meets with members of the Mexican aerospace industry
NASA meets with members of the Mexican aerospace industry

Members of the Mexican aerospace sector such as the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry (FEMIA), through executive president Luis Lizcano, Benjamín Najar and Benjamín Najar Jr. Representing the Space Commission, members of the Space Instrumentation Laboratory (LINX) headed by Dr. Gustavo Medina Tanco, met with the Head of the United States Space Agency NASA, Administrator Bill Nelson, and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy.

“It was a meeting to start talking to the industry to see what collaboration could be done and the director himself told us that NASA is already a different NASA, that it now works with all companies and that it wants to open those bridges and make them smaller. between NASA, its suppliers and Mexico. So let’s say it’s the first step of the Mexican private sector with NASA,” said Benjamín Najar Jr.

In an interview with A21, the also general director of the company Thrusters Unlimited, pointed out that for some time several companies have been “breaking stones” to open paths within the aerospace sector, which, although currently not considered a volume industry, in the future Yes, it could be, due to the expected growth.

“So what we need right now is for institutions like NASA, like ESA (European Space Agency), to make contact with companies in their countries and thus it benefits them and obviously us,” which is why this meeting It represents a step of cooperation by being able to have industrial contact from the private sector with NASA, because although there was cooperation in the research part or university projects “we had not really entered into the part of how to collaborate in the private sector,” he highlighted.

The businessman highlighted that this is also related to the push for the approval of the Space Law, which is currently under discussion in the Senate and which seeks to benefit the industry.

“The entire NASA team is going to attend the Senate to give their opinion and recommendations on the issue of the laws that are being processed,” said Najar Jr., who hopes that they will be approved by September.

NASA meets with the SICT

Within the framework of World Earth Day, the Secretary of Infrastructure, Communications and Transportation (SICT), Jorge Nuño Lara, met with the head of NASA, Bill Nelson, to promote an educational and cooperation agenda between the two countries .

Both officials agreed, together with the Mexican Space Agency (AEM), to begin talks on the cooperative use of satellite data for emergency management and prevention.

During the meeting held in Mexico City, they spoke about the importance of Earth observation satellite data for the prevention and mitigation of disasters in urban areas. They also agreed to strengthen education, innovation and research in priority areas such as earth sciences and nanosatellites.

In the field of education, they discussed the NASA International Internship program and the potential to expand the participation of Mexican students in the program. The meeting, in which the Undersecretary of Communications and Transportation, Rogelio Jiménez Pons, and the general director of the AEM, Salvador Landeros Ayala, were present, takes place within the framework of a fruitful collaboration between NASA and Mexico.

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