Demand for natural gas grew 233% in 2024 due to the El Nino phenomenon

Demand for natural gas grew 233% in 2024 due to the El Nino phenomenon
Demand for natural gas grew 233% in 2024 due to the El Nino phenomenon

Due to the difficulties that the El Niño phenomenon has generated in the country, The demand for natural gas for electricity generation has skyrocketed by 233% so far this year compared to the same period in 2023.

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According to data from Naturgas, The supply of natural gas for thermal generation has experienced a notable increase, since from the beginning of 2024 until April 20gas consumption for thermal generation has reached 46,051 giga BTU (British Thermal Unit), compared to 19,758 giga BTU recorded in the same period of the previous year.

Luz Stella Murgas, president of the union, highlighted the industry’s ability to face this growing demand. “We have operated at full capacity to supply all the natural gas necessary for thermal generation, with 100% compliance with contractual obligations“said Murgas. In addition, he pointed out that the natural gas infrastructure is prepared to face the challenges imposed by El Niño.

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The maximum peak daily consumption of natural gas, reached to date, has been 614 giga BTU per day, representing an increase of 188% compared to the same period last year, where 325 giga BTUs per day were recorded.

In this context, both locally produced and imported natural gas continue to play a crucial role as reliable and safe sources for energy generation, especially in the Caribbean region, where generation plants rely heavily on these fuel sources. noted the union.

It is worth highlighting that During the first months of the country, the volume of reservoirs used for electricity generation reached historic lowswith water contributions well below the historical average and growing demand from users.

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This required that all the thermal demand was put into operation, to avoid there being a lack of attention to users.

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