Garbiñe Muguruza and other athletes who “enjoyed life” and lost their athletic body

“Hey, if I don’t train, what am I going to do? I want to live life, I want to enjoy it, the training regime is extremely hard, really, so when you live life more and relax, you want to enjoy it. That physique of an Olympic athlete we already know that… Let’s be clear, the important thing is to stay healthy and in shape. These are the words of Garbine Muguruza when she was asked at the Laureus Awards gala about her current physique.

The former tennis player was asked for her response to all those who criticize her appearance after leaving active sport, a physique that is no longer that of an elite athlete. Muguruza She responded in this way, making it clear that she is now happy, she is happy with her new life and that she does not miss all the sacrifices she had to make during her active career.

What has happened to Garbiñe’s physique is by no means new. There are numerous cases of different athletes from any type of discipline who have been in the elite and who once they have moved on to a new life have completely changed their appearance.

Garbiñe Muguruza, at a press conference.


The lack of intense daily activity, a change in diet and new habits often cause defined bodies to move to a new state. However, in many cases that does not mean that it is less healthy, although there are some cases that are blatant.

Ronaldo and Ronaldinho

There are numerous cases related to footballers. Authentic winners, elite athletes and mass idols who one day captivated with a splendid physical form and who after hanging up their boots underwent great experimentation.

One of the most famous episodes is that of Ronaldo Nazario. The Brazilian was already characterized as a somewhat heavy player while he was active, and his physical transformation was completed when he retired from highly competitive activity.

Ronaldo with the Cruzeiro shirt

Your compatriot Ronaldinho He also experienced a similar situation. The former Barça player, among many other teams, went from having a flat stomach to being seen with a few extra kilos. Hadrian He was another Brazilian who experienced a brutal change in appearance once he broke away from football.

Football leaves other striking cases that caught the attention of fans in recent years. Diego Tristán, Sneijder, Javi de Pedro, Samir Nasri, Javi Moreno or Cassanothe former Real Madrid player who already raised controversy even when he was active, are a reflection of former players who gained weight in an exaggerated way when they hung up their boots.

Diego Tristán, with the veterans of Deportivo de La Coruña

Diego Tristán, with the veterans of Deportivo de La Coruña

The deceased Diego Armando Maradona It was also a reflection that his change in habits when he retired from football played a trick on him and he underwent a brutal image change.

In all sports

Although football is always the sport that receives the most focus, in many other disciplines there are examples of sports that began to have very different bodies when they left the elite.

One of them was Guillermo Cañas. The former Argentine tennis player weighed more than 120 kilos when he stopped exercising, conditioned by a severe knee injury that kept him off the courts.

Former tennis player Guillermo Cañas.

Former tennis player Guillermo Cañas.

Continuing in the world of tennis, being overweight crossed the path of Dinara Safina. The former number 1 had an eating disorder that destroyed her career and made her gain considerable weight: “I was struggling with anxiety and an eating disorder that led me to binge eating. I was constantly overweight, but I was never able to lose it despite that I fought a lot to do it.”

Mike Tyson when leaving boxing, Tonya Harding or Anna Semenovich when giving up ice skating, or even ice skating itself Michael Jordan They neglected their figure once they found themselves far from the maximum demands.

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