Trump removes social media posts that judge ruled violated gag order

Keith Davidson is testifying about his first offer to former National Enquirer editor Dylan Howard.

Davidson’s offer to Howard over text was: “How about 1m now,” meaning $1 million, he explained. “And 75k per year for next 2 years as a fitness corresponded for ami & ur related pubs.”

“I’ll take it to them but thinking it’s more hundreds than millions,” Howard responded over text on July 23. Davidson said he interpreted that warning to mean, “I should expect a counter offer that was substantially less.”

Davidson responded by offering $800,000 now and $100,000 per year for a total of $1 million.

Howard’s response “leave w/ me” suggested they were not “in the same ballpark,” he testified.

“We are going to lay it on thick for her,” Howard texted Davidson on July 28, 2016.

Davidson replied, “Good. Throw in an ambassadorship for me. I’m thinking Isle of Mann.”

Davidson noted that it was a joke.

“It was sort of in jest,” Davidson said. “That was just a joke.”

Davidson said that the joke was a reference to “Mr. Trump’s candidacy.”

“That somehow if Karen did this deal for AMI, that it would help Donald Trump’s candidacy,” he testified.

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