The possible side effects of the COVID vaccine that AstraZeneca has admitted in a medical court

The possible side effects of the COVID vaccine that AstraZeneca has admitted in a medical court
The possible side effects of the COVID vaccine that AstraZeneca has admitted in a medical court

Among the vaccines that were injected in Spain against the coronavirus, the AstraZeneca It was the most controversial. In fact, our country stopped the use of this vaccine after several cases of thrombi are known after receiving the dose in different countries of the European Union (EU).

However, Health He decided resume inoculations a week later. Thus, the immunization with this vaccine of the population groups prioritized for their essential activity, which were active and without age limit, was completed. In this group, there were police officers, civil guards or teachersamong others.

The big news

Now, the pharmaceutical company has recognized officially before the British courts that its vaccine against COVID-19 can trigger thrombosis syndrome with thrombocytopenia (TTS) in extremely cases rare. As expected, this has gone viral. quickly on social networks.

The development has emerged in the context of a class action lawsuit in the United Kingdom, brought by individuals who claim to have suffered serious injuries as a result of receive the vaccine, which was developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford.

To consider

Yes indeed, this is not the first time that AstraZeneca has addressed the issue of possible adverse effects of its vaccine. It’s more, in a study published in The Lancet in 2021, scientists of the company pointed out existence of very rare cases of TTS after the application.

The signature has reiterated that, despite these risks extremely lowthe benefits of vaccination surpass with increase the possible side effectsamong which stand out headache, fever, malaise, dizziness

Other adverse effects

Also It has been reported that it could appear, as a rare case, an inflammation of the blood vessels on the skin, which is a cutaneous vasculitis and appears as a rash on the skin with red spots. This vasculitis disappears alonewithout treatment,” said the doctor Daniela Hozbordin ‘Infobae‘.

Other adverse events that can occur, according to the researcher, are inflammation, local pain and general discomfort due to the same inflammatory process that the vaccine produces. “These effects are treated symptomatically. If they take the vaccine, they limit themselves, unless it is something serious,” he concluded.

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