Apple Confirms It’s Working On Urgent Fix

Apple Confirms It’s Working On Urgent Fix
Apple Confirms It’s Working On Urgent Fix

The thing about a smartphone is it does a huge number of things. From maps to email, weather to health monitoring, phones do more than ever. So, when something as central as an alarm clock fails to work properly, people notice. That’s what’s going on with the iPhone, right now.

The iPhone Clock app isn’t sounding the alarm quite as it should right now.

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As noted by Joe Rossignol at MacRumors, there is a software bug on the iPhone which is affecting the alarms in the Clock app. Some users are finding the alarm clock isn’t working and that they are, as a result waking up late.

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There have been issues in the past, often related to the clocks going back or a new year, for instance, but the latest issues have been reported on social media which aren’t to do with any of those.

An alarm clock is pretty simple: you choose a time for it to wake you up and you trust that it will. But some users, as reported by the been complaining that the iPhone hasn’t been playing the wake-up sound it was instructed to, leaving them to oversleep.

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That’s very annoying, and the news has affected Joanna Stern from the Wall Street Journal in the sense that the Today Show called her. She confirmed, however, that her iPhone is performing properly and at the right time,, “Today Show called me last night and said iPhone alarms aren’t working! I hadn’t heard that but Apple confirmed this AM that it is aware of an issue causing some alarms not to play a sound and that it’s working on a fix. My iPhone alarm woke me up right on time at 6:50AM! “Anyone out there having this issue?”

So, the good news is that Apple has confirmed that it’s working on a fix for the issue.

The bad news is we don’t know enough about the issue to be sure how widespread it is or how it manifests itself. We know it’s not affecting everyone and that it’s only failing to play certain sounds, rather than all of them.

Which leaves nobody feeling secure. More on the update as we have it.

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