Pixey announces her debut album, Million Dollar Baby

Pixey announces her debut album, Million Dollar Baby
Pixey announces her debut album, Million Dollar Baby

“’Million Dollar Baby’ was born from a conversation I had with a girl in LA who was desperate for notoriety,” Pixey explains. “The track is satirical at its heart, narrating the absurdity of chasing fame and sugar-coated ambition. It reflects a lot of truths I realized while writing the album. The performative nature of the music industry often peddles illusions, and real fulfillment comes from writing the music itself.”

Alongside the album news, Pixey has announced a string of headline tour dates including London’s Lower Third on 25 September, and Arts Club in her hometown Liverpool on 28 September.

million dollar Baby is Pixey’s most accomplished and ambitious pop project to date, written between her bedroom in Liverpool and studios in London over the course of a year and a half. Self-produced by Pixey herself, alongside Tom McFarland (Jungle, Olivia Dean, Alfie Templeman) and Rich Turvey (Rachel Chinouriri, Blossoms, The Coral), the record follows her journey of self-discovery as an artist and shedding the illusions surrounding it .

“This album is more than just music to me,” she says, “it’s the final form of years of trying to provide for myself. I’ve always felt like if I’m so close to something but never quite there. This is the story the album tells; navigating the perception of myself through the male gaze, whilst also trying to take some power back and form my truest identity.The sentiment of the album is this: the path to fulfilment isn’t a performance for others but instead, is a journey of becoming your authentic self.”


  1. Man Power
  2. million dollar Baby
  3. The Thrill Of It
  4. Best Friend
  5. Give A Little Of Your Love
  6. Love Like Heaven
  7. Bring Back The Beat
  8. Oxygen
  9. The War In My Mind
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