“I didn’t distinguish between loin or salami”

“I didn’t distinguish between loin or salami”
“I didn’t distinguish between loin or salami”

Alba Carrillo makes headlines again. The former contestant of the RTVE program Bake Off: Baked celebrities has attacked her ex, former professional tennis player Feliciano López, making it clear what she thinks of him.

“There are people who do not deserve that you have good words for them,” the model began by pointing out during an interview, referring to Feliciano López, from whom she separated in 2016.

The relationship between the presenter and the tennis player is nil but, even so, Carillo takes advantage of the opportunities to throw the occasional dart at him. “There are people who are like that, what I didn’t understand is that it wasn’t for me. It wasn’t for me. He liked bulls. He’s very far-right. He’s got a big starboard line. I mean, he’s not me,” says the model. .

The couple separated 8 years ago, when they had not yet celebrated their first wedding anniversary, but the resentment is still latent: “If he doesn’t even know how to manage his refrigerator, how he manages those things on a large scale. I know that, it’s not a whisper. You sent him to buy turkey and he didn’t know, he didn’t distinguish between loin and sausage, I mean, I want to tell you no, my dear,” says Carrillo, questioning his work as director of the Mutua Tenis Open.

The vanguard

Finally, Carrillo concluded by pointing out sarcastically, “But girl, call me crazy. Here they give you any type of administration position and hey, take it, with pride and honor.” Likewise, he sent a kiss to Sandra Gago because “he is heroic and the more years she spends with him the better I like him.”

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