Government analyzes postponing electricity and gas increases for May

He National government this Tuesday evaluated the possibility of postponing the increases on the ballots light and gas that had been announced for May based on the monthly indexation mechanism that defined the Secretary of Energyto avoid a delay in real terms of their payments.

In the case of the rates of energyhe National Energy Regulatory Entity (IN RE) and the National Gas Regulatory Entity (Enargas), they have not yet published the tariff tables corresponding to the month of May, so the National government is still evaluating the magnitude of the increases and how they can be applied, after the strong increases of 200% in electricity and greater than 300% in gasto which water and public transportation were added.

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However, in the sector they were informed about what they should increase based on the polynomial formulas that were defined after the latest updates of rates. For distributors of electricitythe increases would be 10.7%, for those of gas 12.5% ​​and for the gas transportation 12%.

Meanwhile, companies remain waiting. Among them are Edenor, Edesur, Metrogas, Camuzzi, TGN and TGS. For its part, in the Treasury Palace, Luis Caputo and the Secretary of Energy, Eduardo Rodríguez Chirillothey are still analyzing the impact that the new increase in rates on inflation and on the State’s fiscal accounts due to spending on subsidies.

It is necessary to mention that, beyond the autonomy that each distribution company maintains, with regard to the increase in rates of light and gas It should be the Minister of Economy who has the last word when applying the increases.

According to sources close to the highest authorities of the National governmentsomething similar could happen with the update of the fuel taxwhich could be divided into two sections to alleviate the effects of the recession.

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Meanwhile, it is not the first time that the economic team of the National government take the definition of postpone increases so as not to alleviate the effect on inflation. It is necessary to remember that the removal of subsidies that was going to be carried out at the beginning of the year was only applied to high-income users, industries and businesses.

In the same sense, two out of every three users pay less than 10% of the cost of the electricity and the Basic Energy Basket It would only be launched in June. Likewise, the increases in gas planned for February only occurred in April, while the bus ticket of the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Areas (AMBA), for now, it will not increase in May as planned and there will be more subsidies for companies.

On the other hand, in the coming months more pressure factors will be added on the rates. In it National government They know that they cannot step on payments indefinitely. subsidiesbeyond the fact that it is one of the main items to be cut to consolidate the fiscal surplus that Freedom Advances search and proclaim. For now, the removal of subsidies to light and the gas It is not progressing as the secretary had planned Chirillo.

The initial conflict lies in the fact that the implementation of the Basic Energy Basket (CBE) which were expected in April and which was postponed to May, is now scheduled for June or July. Details will be published in the coming days. Official bulletinand if everything remains the same, 7 out of 10 users will continue to pay less than 10% of the real cost of the energy consumed.

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