What is celebrated on May 1

What is celebrated on May 1
What is celebrated on May 1

This May 1st is Labor Day, a date that reminds us of the struggles that have been fought throughout the world that sought to improve the conditions of workers, whether for better wages or decent working conditions.

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However, do you know the facts behind this commemorative date? On National Radio we tell you the story of Labor Day.

Why is Labor Day celebrated?

To do this, we must go back to 1886 in the streets of Chicago, United States, where 340,000 workers marched demanding the reduction of their working day to 8 hours.

The mobilization continued and ended in the ‘Haymarket Revolt’, where police violence resulted in the conviction of eight leaders, along with five others who were taken to the gallows, generating impacts on labor struggles in the world.

His victims would be known as the ‘Chicago Martyrs’, who were: Samuel Fielden, Schwab, Adolh Fisher, Albert R. Parsons, Oscar Neebe, George Engel, Hessois Auguste Spies and Louis Lingg.

As a result of the events that took place during that day, the National Workers’ Association (AIT), which was held in Paris during 1889, declared itself International Workers’ Day, which sought to be a tribute to the victims.

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