CUT leads traditional Labor Day march

CUT leads traditional Labor Day march
CUT leads traditional Labor Day march

The Unitary Central of Workers (CUT) leads this Thursday the traditional march to commemorate International Workers’ Day in La Alameda.

From the main coalition of unions in the country they seek to promote a “living wage” that reaches 630,000 pesos, which would be the poverty line for a family of four people.

The demonstration will begin in Plaza Los Héroes at 10:00 in the morningand will advance from west to east, culminating with a central act at noon at the intersection of the Alameda with Portugal.

“We are calling all the workers in the country to a great march for this May Day. In Santiago, the call is in Plaza Los Héroes at 10 in the morning and we hope it will be a march that reflects the transversal demands of the social movement,” said the general secretary of the CUT in advance, Eric Campos.

The leader stated that “the speech will be based on the contents of the Social Manifesto, but above all also responding to the situation regarding the ‘living wage’ debate and the demand that we have made to the Government to comply with the sending of the branch negotiation bill that returns power to the unions, federations and confederations” .

The march has already passed by the La Moneda Palace, where a strong police contingent is registered.

In that line, There have been search operations and also some arrests for carrying incendiary devices, as reported by Carabineros.

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