Give in writing you won’t give quota on the basis of religion: Modi to INDIA bloc | Ahmedabad News

Give in writing you won’t give quota on the basis of religion: Modi to INDIA bloc | Ahmedabad News
Give in writing you won’t give quota on the basis of religion: Modi to INDIA bloc | Ahmedabad News

At his first rally in Gujarat this Lok Sabha elections, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday accused the Congress of spreading lies and challenged the INDIA pad to give it in writing that it will not provide reservation on the basis of religion and also not touch the quota availed by Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes.

“These people have started saying that Modi is asking for 400 seats because there is reservation… NDA had 360 MPs in Parliament… (with) others like BJD and Andhra’s YSRCP, which were not in NDA but supported us, we had 400 seats, but we are neither born for this sin (paap) nor this is our way,” Modi said at Deesa in Banaskantha.

Referring to Congress claiming that BJP will change the Constitution and end reservation if it comes to power, he said: “Today, I challenge Congress ke shahzade (MP Rahul Gandhi), the party and all its members that if they have courage, announce that On the basis of religion, they will never misuse reservation, change the Constitution and give reservation to anyone. They will not do that because dal me kuch kala hai (there’s something fishy)… I say this on record that until BJP is there, until Modi is there, Bababsaheb’s and India’s Constitution, the reservation given to SC, ST and OBCs and the general class is secured…”

“Those who want to give reservation on the basis of religion… they have experienced in Andhra and Karnataka. For votebank, they want to snatch reservation of Dalits, tribals and OBCs. In Karnataka overnight, they declared all Muslims as OBCs, they looted a part of the reservation given to OBCs overnight. Should I let this work? That is why they are spreading lies. I challenge INDIA Bloc to give in writing that it won’t give quota on the basis of religion.”

“They should also announce that they will never touch reservation of SC, ST, and OBCs. They will never declare that,” he added.

Festive offer

“In 2024, Congress and INDIA Bloc… are spreading fear among people that reservation will be taken away. All this is a lie… Their discourse now is that they will break open Modi’s head, that they will put Modi in jail,” Modi said.

He claimed that it is his “guarantee” that in his third term as PM, India will become the third largest economy in the world. He added that he has already prepared a plan on what he will do in the first 100 days of his third term.

“For this, you all have to come together to ensure lotus blooms in every booth… Only winning seats is not enough, we have to win in all polling booths,” he said while campaigning for BJP candidates from Banaskantha and Patan, Rekhaben Chaudhary and Bharatsinh Dabhi, respectively.

Recalling the previous elections, Modi said, “When I contested the 2014 election, Congress leaders mocked me. They said this Gujrati tea-seller, who has grown up eating rice and pulses, doesn’t know anything. But the country responded and eventually reduced them from 400 to 40 seats.”

Again in 2019, “they said chowkidar chor hai and Modi khoon ki dalali karta hai… they used to move around in rallies with toy Rafales, now they are roaming around carrying the Constitution.”

“…except BJP, no party us contesting 272 seats and then they (Congress) say will form the government. You need at least 272 seats to form a government… This is the magic of Modi because there is no Congress candidate.”

Targeting Congress’ manifesto, Modi said that he has impression of Muslim League and has made “Naxalite and Maoists announcements”. “They want to conduct X-ray of the entire country… which means X-ray of what is in your locker, house and bank and loot the same. They would distribute these among those who do not have it,” he added.

Referring to Congress leader Sam Pitroda’s comment on inheritance tax, Modi said, “Congress declared that whatever you have saved will not go to your children… 55% tax will have to be paid. If you have 10-acre farm and you want to give it to your children, you have to give 5 acre to the government… if there are two buffaloes, Congress will say ‘give one to the government’. This is in its manifesto,” he said in Banaskantha, where majority of the population is into farming and cattle rearing.

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