Ayalon Highway Blocked By The Families Of The Hostages

Ayalon Highway Blocked By The Families Of The Hostages
Ayalon Highway Blocked By The Families Of The Hostages

Families of hostages took to the streets on Thursday morning, staging a dramatic protest that disrupted traffic on the Ayalon routes towards the north.

Clutching a poignant sign that read, “Either Rafah or a deal. We choose life!” the protesters demanded immediate action for the release of their loved ones. Two have been arrested.

In Jerusalem, women gathered in front of the Israeli Prime Minister’s residence, placing large photos of individuals abducted and held captive by Hamas. This symbolic gesture aimed to draw attention to the plight of those kidnapped and to pressure the government for their safe return.

The women’s protest, advocating for the release of the abductees, emphasized the emotional toll of the situation. “A very grim morning, Prime Minister of Israel,” they declared, highlighting that individuals kidnapped during the government’s tenure have lasted 209 days in captivity within Gaza’s tunnels.

The message was clear: as Prime Minister, the responsibility lies with the government to secure their release.

“We choose life,” read a sign held by protesters in Tel Aviv, where families of hostages also demonstrated, blocking traffic on Thursday morning. The demand was simple: either Rafah or a deal. The reference to Rafah underscores the strategic importance of the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Egypt, suggesting that its reopening or involvement in negotiations could facilitate a resolution.

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