Do you want to save on gas? Follow these 7 practical tips in your home

Do you want to save on gas? Follow these 7 practical tips in your home
Do you want to save on gas? Follow these 7 practical tips in your home

With the arrival of the colder days, the consumption of this energy for the bathroom, heating and kitchen increases, so it is necessary to know tips to optimize its use.

By Francesca Arnechino

05/02/2024 – 1:59 p.m. CLT

© JAVIER SALVO/ATON CHILEHow to save on liquefied gas?

He autumn marks a turning point in terms of temperatures, since they begin to drop sharply, causing the mornings and nights to be more cold

This means that the consumption of Liquid gas –present in 8 out of 10 homes nationwide– for heating increases considerably, so optimizing its use becomes essential to get the most out of it.

Follow these 7 practical tips to save liquefied gas

In the context of low temperatures, Abastible offers us some tips that will be key to saving on liquefied gas consumption during these months:

  1. To heat the home and keep warm, it is recommended to have a temperature between 19 and 21 degrees.
  2. Check doors and windows for prevent heat leakthrough the frames.
  3. Use thick curtains, since it helps preserve the temperature in homes.
  4. When using hot water in the sink, dishwasher, and shower, it is recommended regulate the temperature from the heatersince turning on the cold water so that it does not come out as hot, increases the consumption of liquefied gas unnecessarily.
  5. Another tip is prevent the heater from cooling down between showers, since it reduces energy expenditure.
  6. When cooking, it is recommended to always do so with covered pots and use the burners according to the size of the pots, that is, do not use the burners larger than the area to be heated and use the oven only to prepare food when necessary.
  7. Regarding the maintenance of the artifacts, it is important perform periodic maintenance of the heater, which will improve power and optimize gas consumption.
    For this, you have to check for clogged injectors, accumulated scale in the coil pipe and dirt in the heat exchanger, since they negatively affect the performance of the device and considerably increase the consumption of liquefied gas.
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