Million-dollar trail project could be coming to Mount Pleasant

Million-dollar trail project could be coming to Mount Pleasant
Million-dollar trail project could be coming to Mount Pleasant

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) – Charleston County’s Finance Committee approved a request from Mount Pleasant for $1 million in funding for a pair of trail easements.

The Mount Pleasant Department of Capital Projects and Transportation asked the county for funding for the Long Point and Rifle Range Trails.

The Department of Capital Projects and Transportation requested $250,000 in funding for the Long Point Trail easement and $750,000 in funding for the Rifle Range Trail easement.

Both projects are part of the larger Mount Pleasant Way Master Plan, which is the 47-mile multi-use path program through that Capital Improvement Project.

The Long Point Trail path will be a 10 to 12-foot path along the Belle Hall Shopping Center side of Long Point Road from I-526 to Whipple Road.

The segment of the Rifle Range Trail proposes a 10 to 12-foot multi-use path along the west side of Rifle Range Road replacing the existing 5-foot sidewalk from Venning Road to Bragg Drive.

The trail projects are also part of the Greenbelt Plan.

Charleston County Councilman and Finance Committee member Larry Kobrovsky had reservations but voted to approve the request.

“I feel Greenbelt money should be used to preserve our natural areas. keeping from development and maybe creating natural areas for people to access, but again this was for not creating natural areas,” Kobrovsky said. “It was to expand a sidewalk from 5 to 10 feet. I just feel that’s not a Greenbelt Project, that’s a transportation issue.”

These plans aim to promote recreation, culture, and business growth in the town.

Mount Pleasant Capital Projects and Transportation Deputy Director James Aton says the trail projects are intended for non-motorized users. These trails will allow residents to use paths that link key portions of the town.

“It has been shown that these facilities do spur economic growth for existing businesses and promote the development of newer small businesses kind of really allowing for the generation of that along the path and adjacent to it,” Aton said.

Both trail segments are funded through Mount Pleasant’s Safe Streets and Roads for All federal grant from the US Department of Transportation, which requires the addition of public outreach and community meetings. The department will collect surveys to help determine the alignment, widths, and features of these paths.

“I think this is an absolutely great project, again, born from community input, really meant to connect community neighbors, the neighbors, get people out of their vehicles, improve health, air quality,” Alton said. “I think, you know, everyone who’s really worked on this project is fully committed to it everything from the top to the bottom from the town administrator and our elected officials down to you know, our staff engineers that are doing the grunt work.”

The Charleston County Council will make the final decision on Tuesday.

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