Goku Day! On what platforms can you watch “Dragon ball”?

This Thursday May 9 will be celebrated on Goku Daydedicated to the protagonist of the anime, manga and film series of “dragon ball”.

This date has a very curious reason, and it has to do with the pronunciation in Japanese: written in the order used in that country (5/9, that is, May 9) it is read as “Go” (five) “ Ku” (nine), as the hero of the saga is called.

Under that pretext and to warm up our engines, we put together a “Dragon Ball” marathon with some titles that you can find streaming, worthy of making you shout “kame kame ha!” next to Goku:

We start with the platform Crunchyroll, where you will find all the episodes of the animes “Dragon ball”, “Dragon ball Z”, “Dragon ball GT”, and “Dragon ball super”. In addition, 14 films from the franchise are available, including “Give me back my Gohan”, “Attack of the dragon”, “Super hero” and “Bio-Broly”.

Another platform where you can see the adventures of the Saiyan warrior is where the original series from 1986 is found, with 83 episodes, as well as “Dragon ball Z”, and films such as “A mystical adventure”, from 1988, and “The legend of the Shenlong dragon”.

In Clear Video The first anime that starred little Goku in the late 80s is also available.

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