Rates are already almost at the same level as those of the US and Canada

Rates are already almost at the same level as those of the US and Canada
Rates are already almost at the same level as those of the US and Canada

Although these are gas-producing countries that have very competitive prices compared to other parts of the world, they also receive salaries much higher than the average Argentinean. Thus, it clearly reveals an imbalance in local relative prices.

Gas rates in Europe and the rest of America

Other countries surveyed by the E&E report were United Kingdom with 30 dollars, Germany and Spain with 31, and France with 38. Already in the region Colombia appears with 17, Mexico with 22, Chile with 33 and Brazil with 68, always according to information from Global Petrol Prices from September 2023.

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According to Nicolás Arceo’s consulting firm, these values ​​were reached after increases in the final rates in the month of April around 343% for high-income users, 559% for low-income households (Level 2) and 424% for middle-income households (Level 3).

How the increases are composed

This corresponds to both the price of PIST gas (which rose 190% for N1, 166% for N2 and 100% for N3), and the transportation service, which increased by 681% for all users beyond their income category. and the added value of distribution (513% increase for high-income users and 669% and 744%, respectively, for middle- and low-income users).

In any case, the figures reflect that the prices paid by residential properties are still below mid-2019, when the maximum peak had been reached during the presidency of Mauricio Macri.

In April 2024, rates for Level 1 (High Income) users are 17% below the average verified in 2019, but with winter prices this difference would be limited to 4%. Meanwhile, the rates for low-income (Level 2) and medium-income households (Level 3) compared to the full rates in force in 2019 present a decrease of 46% and 20%, respectively, without considering the social rate.

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