Toto lights up the night at the San Marcos National Fair

Toto lights up the night at the San Marcos National Fair
Toto lights up the night at the San Marcos National Fair

In an evening where nostalgia and classic rock merged, the band Toto performed at the Star Forum of the San Marcos National Fair 2024, before an audience that completely filled the venue. The atmosphere was saturated with emotion and memories with each note, showing that Toto’s music continues to resonate strongly in the hearts of his fans.

The band, known for their era-defining hits, chose a setlist that not only took attendees back to their younger days, but also showed the musical versatility that has characterized them throughout their career. They began with “Girl Goodbye,” followed by “Hold the Line” and “99,” setting the stage for a memorable night.

In addition to the songs that opened the concert, songs like “Rosanna”, “I’ll Be Over You” and the iconic “Africa”, which closed with a flourish, were part of the musical gems that attendees had the pleasure of listening to. enjoy. The performance of “Africa” was especially emotional, with the audience singing every verse, creating a monumental chorus that echoed throughout the forum.

No less iconic was the band’s style. Dressed in classic rock style, the members of Toto appeared on stage with hats, black vests, necklaces and sunglasses, a look that perfectly complemented the atmosphere of the event. The group’s charisma was not only reflected in their music, but also in their interaction with the public, highlighting a moment in which they expressed their happiness at being in Mexico again, words that were received with applause.

This Toto concert not only confirmed the band’s special place in the musical landscape, but also reaffirmed their music’s ability to draw crowds and transcend generations. The night at the Star Forum was a clear reminder that, no matter the passage of time, some classics never stop shining.

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