Innovation Of National Children’s Company Handling Electric Vehicle Battery Fires

Innovation Of National Children’s Company Handling Electric Vehicle Battery Fires
Innovation Of National Children’s Company Handling Electric Vehicle Battery Fires

JAKARTA – The development of electric vehicles in the country needs to be accompanied by ecosystems and security. An innovation was shown by PT Famindo Alfa Spectrum Teknologi (FAST) as the sole distributor of the Lithium Fire Killer (LFK) fire extinguisher Hartindo AF31 recently.

The company from Indonesia introduced the latest system for the world’s first electric bicycle and motorcycle at the 2024 Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS) Periclindo event which was held at JIEXPO, Kemayoran, Jakarta.

“We are trying to find the best innovation to mitigate the possibility of a fire caused by lithium fire, a substance commonly used as raw material for electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Therefore, on this occasion we are returning this year with new innovations, “said FAST CEO Willy Hadiwijaya as quoted from ANTARA at the 2024 PEVS event, Saturday (4/5) night.

In addition to APAR (Linkium Fire Killer) Hartindo AF31 which was introduced last year, this time the nation’s subsidiary also introduced a new fire prevention system specifically for two-wheeled vehicles.

The technology, which is filled with the “Lithium Fire Killer” (LFK) Hartindo AF31, is paired with a location directly connected to the battery pieces of the vehicle, and is claimed to be able to extinguish the fire immediately at the hotspot when the red rooster just turns on.

Willy said electric vehicles require a special type of APAR, where according to him, the fire caused by lithium batteries has its own classification, with extreme heat starting from 1,000 degrees Celsius and could continue to peak to 2,000 degrees Celsius.

Not to mention, various blackout media such as powder (powder) that are now common in the market, or even water as conventional media for blackouts, he said, were not effective in extinguishing the fire of electric vehicles.

The reason is, the fire from this lithium battery can be continuously lit as long as there is still power stored in the battery even if it is submerged in a pool of water.

In this case, there needs to be special treatment to reduce the drastic temperature jump power of this lithium battery known as the thermal runaway.

With a high local component value, Hartindo AF31’s Lithium Fire Killer (LFK) as a local product discovered and patented by the nation’s children is claimed to be the most effective lithium battery fire extinguisher in the world.

The product has also achieved international certification for trials they conducted in , Britain, Canada, France, Singapore, and Malaysia, which it has proven that the media owned by Hartindo AF31 has cooling properties that can stop the thermal runaway’ as well as prevent the re-ignition of the burning lithium battery.

In addition, Hartindo AF31’s ‘Lithium Fire Killer’ (LFK) is a very safe firefighter for humans, animals, and the environment. Willy claims, the APAR product is safe if it accidentally enters the mouth.

“We present this discovery to the people of Indonesia and also the world as the necessary safety equipment for the electric vehicle ecosystem, starting from the vehicle itself in the form of an APAR and also a fire prevention system, a charging site, to security for lithium battery storage warehouses,” Willy said.

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