AFC Leopards boss praises Levis Opiyo after goalkeeping heroics in win over Bandari

AFC Leopards boss praises Levis Opiyo after goalkeeping heroics in win over Bandari
AFC Leopards boss praises Levis Opiyo after goalkeeping heroics in win over Bandari

Opiyo had been under pressure after his howler cost AFC Leopards the match against Gor Mahia, but found himself getting serenaded by the fans for his Bandari heroics on Sunday.

AFC Leopards head coach Tomas Trucha has praised goalkeeper Levis Opiyo for his heroics during Leopards 1-0 win over Bandari in an FKFPL encounter that took place at the Dandora Stadium on Sunday.

Opiyo had been under pressure after his mistake against Gor Mahia cost Ingwe the derby, understandably getting the fans furious and raging as a result.

During their 3-1 win over FC Compel, a game Trucha opted to start Humphrey Katasi, the fans could be heard making continuous “Opiyo must go” chants, seemingly refusing to get over that mistake.

However, he made a string of saves against Bandari on Sunday to leave the same fans ecstatic and they actually chanted his name at full time.

Trout, speaking to the media after the match, showered praise on Opiyo for his outstanding display, highlighting the goalkeeper’s importance in securing all three points for AFC Leopards and propelling them to sixth place in the league standings.

“Compliments to Levi. Not easy for him after the derby but I was pleased that he kept a clean sheet and is now on 10 clean sheets for the season,” Trout remarked, acknowledging Opiyo’s resilience in bouncing back from adversity.

“He is proving to be one of the best players in his position. I give support to all my players. Let us see how we will handle the end of the season,” he continued, emphasizing his confidence in Opiyo’s abilities and the importance of backing each player through thick and thin.

The chants of support from the fans at full time were a testament to Opiyo’s redemption, with Trucha expressing gratitude for the encouragement shown by the supporters.

“It was good for the fans to shout his name and to give him support,” Trucha said, acknowledging the positive impact of the fans’ support on Opiyo’s morale.

“Mistakes are part of the game. When a goalkeeper makes a mistake, everyone can see. If a striker misses a chance, you will say next time he can do the same or score next time,” he added, highlighting the unique pressure faced by goalkeepers and the need for understanding from fans.

“It is not an easy discipline. “Not an easy position but he is a good goalkeeper,” Trout concluded, reaffirming his faith in Opiyo’s abilities and recognizing the challenges inherent in the goalkeeper’s role.

With Opiyo’s redemption story serving as a rallying point for the team, AFC Leopards look poised to build on their recent success and continue their pursuit of glory in the FKF Premier League.

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