Frank Martin feels fight with Gervonta Davis is already won

Frank Martin feels fight with Gervonta Davis is already won
Frank Martin feels fight with Gervonta Davis is already won

Frank Martin spends a few minutes chatting with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV following his opening press conference with Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis and discusses his feelings about the promotion and expectations for the fight. Check out what he had to say below.

Martin on what he made of his press conference with Tank

“It was natural. Both our energies were natural. It was real, it wasn’t faked or scripted. It was all natural so I felt it, like the energy was just there.”

On what Tank was showing him on his cell phone on stage

“Some bullshit, some sparring that he didn’t show me the clip that he said he was going to show me.”

On why Tank is bringing up their past sparring partner

“Man, it’s sparring. We’re fighting June 15, I don’t even want to keep talking about the sparring. He was going to show me the video, he ain’t show it. He showed a certain part and then they got turned up and all that, but it wasn’t anything that he showed.

“We fighting now so the story of sparring, we can go ahead sweep that under the rug and when we fight June 15, it’s on.”

On where the negative energy between Tank and himself comes from

“I think it’s just like I know he’s in there with something that’s real, just from how I am as a person, like he knows it, he feels it. So I just think that the dominance, that alpha side that’s in both of us just naturally comes out.”

On Tank saying he doesn’t take body shots well and intending to exploit that

“We got a great game plan. “We got a game plan for everything so I’m glad they judged me off my last performance.”

On how you views his fight against Tank

“Mentally, I feel like the fight’s won. Yeah, I feel like the fight’s won mentally already just ’cause I’m doing everything that I need to do: breaking him down, studying him, game plan is crazy. So a lot of guys that he get in there with is not like me, they’re not like me so the game plan we got is we go in there and capitalize off the game plan. I think it’ll be a crazy night.

“I think ya’ll see a pull away. You know, he’s always getting beat by guys — when he fighting his last five fights it’s either real close or he getting beat by a guy and then boom, he lands that big shot. But a lot of them guys, they don’t me.”

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