With trips to NASA they reward assistance in nursery education

With trips to NASA they reward assistance in nursery education
With trips to NASA they reward assistance in nursery education

For the second year, the Oportunidad Educational Foundation is holding the “Haz que Peguen” contest. This with the aim of increasing attendance in nursery education, and motivating families throughout the country to take their girls and boys to kindergarten or school every day.

The initiative, which in 2023 had nearly 9 thousand applicants, will reward one contestant for each region of our country, along with an adult companion, with a four-day trip to Orlando, United States, where they will have the opportunity to visit the facilities of NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. There are already more than 9 thousand girls and boys registered throughout the country.

The fundamental requirement to participate is that girls and boys who attend preschool education, in public or subsidized private establishments, have 90% or more attendance in classrooms, between March 15 and June 28, 2024.

The executive director of the Oportunidad Educational Foundation, Marcela Marzolo, explained that “we had very good results with the 2023 version, because it allowed us to reach all of Chile with a message about the importance of girls and boys going to their educational centers every day. . For this reason, we want to inspire many more families to continue giving relevance to school attendance, since this can make a difference in their educational career.”

Parents who wish to register preschoolers enrolled in the lower secondary, upper secondary, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten levels must enter the site www.hazquedespeguen.cl and complete the registration form. The deadline is until June 30, 2024 at 11:59 p.m.

Subsequently, Fundación Educacional Oportunidad will hold a draw to preselect a winner per region, who must prove with a document signed before a notary that it meets the requirements established in the contest rules.

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