NASA: Watch LIVE the launch of Boeing’s Starliner | USES

NASA: Watch LIVE the launch of Boeing’s Starliner | USES
NASA: Watch LIVE the launch of Boeing’s Starliner | USES

After a decade of preparation, the Starliner spacecraft will finally take off with two astronauts. The NASA broadcast, scheduled for tonight, continues live. Coverage of the event will be broadcast through the NASA channel starting at 6:30 pm ET (5:30 pm Peruvian time), according to the US space agency.

This launch is the culmination of Boeing’s efforts to develop a spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS), as part of NASA’s commercial crew program.

And it has not been an easy job. Starliner has overcome delays and setbacks. In its first unmanned mission in 2019, it failed to reach the ISS as planned. On a second attempt, in May 2022, she was finally able to do it. A couple of years later, NASA and Boeing have deemed Starliner ready for its ultimate test: allowing astronauts to test the vehicle in outer space.

Who will go aboard Starliner?

NASA astronauts Suni Williams and Butch Wilmore will be the ones to undertake this mission where they will have to conduct a series of tests to evaluate the ship’s capabilities. This test flight will ensure the correct functioning of the ship’s systems, the Atlas V rocket, as well as the functions necessary for landing.

Williams and Wilmore will fly to the space station to dock at the front port of the Harmony module. They will spend about a week docked at the space station before returning to Earth.

What time will Starliner take off?

Starliner is scheduled to lift off at 10:34 pm (Florida time) from the Cape Canaveral Space Station. You can see the official NASA broadcast in the video below.

What is expected from this flight?

Both Boeing and NASA have stressed that this Starliner flight is a test mission, so some unforeseen events are expected to arise, which means that Wilmore and Williams will have to manually operate the ship at times.

One of the objectives of this flight is to see how the ship, 5 meters high and 4.6 meters in diameter, performs in space.

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