the hard life story of the “X Factor Spain” participant that moved her

Lali Esposito (32) burst into tears when listening to a participant in the program Factor X Spain, where she serves as a jury.

The singer and actress could not contain herself when she heard him sing after learning about his strong life story.

In the Spanish competition, which continues with its audition stage, Tete Pineda He came out on stage and quickly expressed his joy at singing again after a long recovery. At the request of the jury, made up of musicians Lali, Vanesa Martín, Abraham Mateo and Willy Bárcenas, the young man told his story.

“On stage I fall to the floor and they diagnose me with cancer in my head… And I am here to tell you that I have bloomed again, my hair has grown and I can enjoy with you,” said Tete, who then – out of pure emotion – sang the song I’m lucky, by the Spanish singer Manuel Carrasco.

During his presentation, Lali was very moved, to the point that her eyes filled with tears.

The same thing happened with the rest of the jury members and the audience present, who gave him effusive applause when he finished his song.

Tete Pineda, the singer who moved the entire Factor X Spain jury.

“This is an artist. I speed up when something breaks me and tears my heart out, like you have done. I put myself in your place… what you have had to go through, the courage you have had to come one program later of such a difficult moment. You have shown us tonight that the greatest treasures in the world cannot be bought,” Vanesa Martín first told him.

Then, Abraham Mateo highlighted: “I am difficult to get excited, but I couldn’t hold back. Your performance was a work of art.”

And then it was Lali’s turn, who was left speechless and simply said: “Thanks thanks…”.

Lali Espósito burst into tears when listening to a Factor X Spain participant with a strong life story.

“You were very generous coming here and giving us this. We really have no words,” added Willy Bárcenas, who then presented a video with greetings from the participant’s family and friends.

As expected, Tete Pineda received the four “Yes” and advanced to the round in Factor X Spain.

Factor X Spain: Lali Espósito and the compliment she gave to a participant

In the previous broadcast of the Spanish contest, Lali starred in a fun moment with a participant.

A young Catalan appeared on the program and sang a rap.


The singer was full of praise for a young 23-year-old rapper and experienced an unusual moment in the middle of the program.

After listening to it, Lali launched: “And I’m going to tell you two things. One, you are Catalan and two, you are a rapper. A little my weakness. So be careful”.

Upon hearing Lali’s words, the participant of X Factor Spain He showed his gratitude towards her. “Thank you so much! Thank you very much but they are going to get angry back there! “She said and let him know that she was dating.

Quickly, Lali exclaimed, amused: “Oh, sorry! Sorry!”. “Everything is fine, huh. I swear! I’m argentine! It was a joke!”.

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