Paraguay reaffirms its bond with despite pressure from China

Paraguay reaffirms its bond with despite pressure from China
Paraguay reaffirms its bond with Taiwan despite pressure from China

The Paraguayan president, Santiago Penareaffirmed his country’s commitment to during a meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, where they expressed their opposition to any unilateral changes in the Taiwan Strait through the use of force. The meeting, which took place in Assumptionmarks a milestone in relations between Paraguay and Taiwan, with the support of Japan as a strategic ally.

In his statements, Kishida stressed the importance of working closely with the South American country not only in bilateral matters but also in the international community. He stressed the need to maintain the status quo in the Taiwan Strait and reinforce solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean.

For his part, President Peña reiterated the long-standing diplomatic relationship between 66 years between his country and Taiwan, Paraguay being the only country of South America that maintains official ties with Taipei. He underscored the interest in promoting a comprehensive cooperative partnership with Taiwan and highlighted the support of Japan and the United States in this engagement.

During a previous interview, Peña affirmed Paraguay’s unwavering stance on Taiwan and noted that strong relations with Japan and the United States underpin the country’s resistance to pressures to shift its recognition from Taiwan to China.

Kishida’s visit to Paraguay included the signing of memorandums of understanding in areas such as information and communication technologies, foreign trade and space cooperation. In addition, the importance of moving towards a free trade agreement between Japan and the Mercosurwhich would further strengthen commercial ties between both regions.

The Japanese community in Paraguay, made up of around 10,000 people, was also part of the agenda of Prime Minister Kishida, who received the decoration National Order of Merit by President Peña.

This visit marks the number anniversary 105 of diplomatic relations between Paraguay and Japan and reinforces the commitment of both nations to strengthening bilateral ties and international cooperation.

After his visit, Kishida will continue his tour in Brazil before returning to Tokyo. His journey began in Francewhere he participated in the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, highlighting the relevant role of Latin America and the Caribbean in the international community. @mundiario

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