Angélica Vale’s children: meet Angélica Masiel and Daniel Nicolás

Angelica Valea renowned actress and comedian, now shows a new facet by hosting the reality show “Juego de Voces”, where she has had the company of her two children Angélica Masiel and Daniel Nicolás.

Angélica Vale has earned a special place in the Mexican public after playing Letty in “La fea más bella”, as well as being the daughter of the Bride of Mexico, Angélica María. Currently, she has served with great charisma as the host of “Juego de Voces”, a television program with the participation of great singers who face their own children in challenges and competitions related to music. So by putting herself back in the public eye, the talented comedian has shown her children Angélica Masiel and Daniel Nicolásand at Me Lo Dijo Lola, we want to tell you who they are.

Who are Angélica Vale’s children?

Angelica Masiel

Angelica Masiel, the firstborn of Angelica Vale, was born in June 2012 in the United States. At 12 years old, she has already made her theater debut alongside her mother in the play “Gaseline.” Passionate about cinema, she dreams of being a director in the future. Despite being born in the United States, she is proud of her Mexican roots.

Daniel Nicholas

Daniel Nicholasthe youngest son of Angelica Vale, came into the world in August 2014. Although his birth was premature, both recovered without complications. As the only male child of Angélica and her husband Otto Padrón, Daniel stands out for his charisma and friendliness. Like his sister, he is proud of his Mexican heritage.

Angélica Vale and her children pose for the magazine cover

Recently the host posed with her children for the May edition of Eres magazine, where you can see how beautiful and happy she looks with her two children.

Who is Angélica Vale’s husband?

Otto Padron, husband of Angélica Vale, was born in Cuba in 1965 and moved to Miami, Florida, while still very young. With a career spanning nearly 40 years in the US military, he has built a solid career as a television executive.

Thanks to his military dedication, Padrón was able to finance a large part of his university studies, obtaining two master’s degrees. His foray into the television field took place as executive producer at Telemundo in 1992, thus marking the beginning of his career as a producer at the renowned television network.

In addition to their presence at family and social events, Angélica Masiel and Daniel Nicolás have attracted attention on social networks and public events. Her growth has been closely followed by the followers of Angélica Vale and Angélica María, her grandmother. Although it is still uncertain whether they will follow in their parents’ footsteps in the artistic world, they have undoubtedly inherited their family’s charisma and talent.

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