What is the School Saving Bonus and who will benefit?

What is the School Saving Bonus and who will benefit?
What is the School Saving Bonus and who will benefit?

The payments will be delivered through schools to about 700,000 students across the state.

How will it work?

Support will be provided in two ways: as a credit towards the cost of participating in activities in school and vouchers for families to use to purchase school uniforms.

Education Minister Ben Carroll said on Tuesday there would be no application process. All payments would be done electronically with no paperwork involved.

“This will be a direct credit to family’s accounts at the school,” he said.

Is it a cash payment?

Cash will not be paid directly to individuals or families but will instead be received as a credit on the family account at each school to help meet the cost of activities and vouchers to assist with purchasing school uniforms.

Consultation with schools will be undertaken to ensure that the selection of approved providers is aligned with relevant suppliers of a school’s uniform range.

Is it means-tested?

The School Saving Bonus is not tested. The bonus is available to all government school students and all non-government school students eligible for the existing camps, sports and excursions fund.


When will it be paid?

The bonus will be provided during term four, making sure families have time to plan and budget for the 2025 school year.

The government says it will release more details in term three.

Does this replace other assistance?

The School Saving Bonus builds on existing means-tested support for families doing it tough with school costs. It will be applied on top of those measures for families eligible for other support.

Why not introduce it now?

The measure will assist families with upfront costs as they enter the 2025 school year. Premier Jacinta Allan said it would make no sense to bring it in straight away when families had already paid for expensive items such as uniforms and excursions for the current school year.

“I know that families often wait for the start of a new school year to make those bigger purchases around uniforms,” she said.

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