Trump’s Attorney Questions Stormy Daniels

Trump’s Attorney Questions Stormy Daniels
Trump’s Attorney Questions Stormy Daniels

Daniels meets Trump for dinner

After initially declining Trump’s dinner invitation, Stormy Daniels later discusses the matter with her publicist. Daniels wanted to get out of another work-related dinner and her publicist Ella encourages her to go to dinner.

“What could possibly go wrong?” Daniels recalls him saying.

Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller gave Daniels very specific instructions to take a certain elevator to get to the penthouse of the hotel. He was waiting for her when she arrived. She recalls the door was already cracked open and described details of the room to the jury.

When Trump greets her inside the doorway, he is wearing silk or satin pajamas.

“I immediately made fun of him… and said, ‘Does Mr. [Hugh] Hefner know you stole his pajamas?'” she recalls. “I told him to go change and he obliged very politely,” she adds. He returned in a dress shirt and pants.

While getting to know each other, Trump asked about his work.

“He was very interested in a lot of the business aspects of it, which I thought was really cool,” Daniels said, noting he asked if there were unions, if stars got residuals, what testing procedures were, etc. Trump also asked Daniels if she had a boyfriend, and she said she did not, she testifies.

At one point, he asked if Daniels ever got a “bad” STI test. She tells him she did not and that she could show him because all that information was available within the industry. She testifies that to this day she has never tested positive for anything. She compared working in the adult film industry to WWE.

For the most part, Daniels has been peering at prosecutor Susan Hoffinger through her glasses while the ADA asks her questions. She occasionally glances over towards the jury.

Hoffinger, again, asks Daniels to slow down. Although Daniels is speaking quickly, she does not appear to be nervous. Judge Juan Merchan is now asking Stormy Daniels to slow down while testifying.

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