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Canceled forever“Lucero wrote on his X account after the hosts of the program Does matters! apologized for having criticized ‘Lucerito’ Mijares, who stars in the reality show Voice Game.

At the end of April, Jose Ramón San Cristóbal, Sofía Rivera Torres and Eduardo Videgaray, who are part of Does matters! They made a series of criticisms and jokes with those who compared the physical appearance of ‘Lucerito’ with his father, Mijares.

“Mijares has not died yet and has already been reincarnated as his daughter, terrible,” Rivera Torres commented in a mocking tone. while the other drivers laughed.

Given this situation, ‘Lucerito’ Mijares was approached by a group of reporters who asked her about the comments.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter…fortunately it doesn’t affect me, but I think that if they mess with some of my friends or my mother… I think I can burn the forest down there,” said ‘Lucerito’ Mijares.

Lucero defended her daughter ‘Lucerito’ Mijares after being criticized for her physical appearance. (Photo: Instagram / @luceromijaresoficial / @luceromexico)

Who are the drivers who criticized ‘Lucerito’ Mijares?

Lucero shared the video of the interview that her daughter gave and wrote the following: “Poor those who have nothing to say More than making fun of others… no, we care about them. The only thing that matters to us is supporting and loving each other.”

Following Lucero’s message, some celebrities, such as Victoria Ruffo, They criticized the driversbut who are they?

Eduardo Videgaray

Eduardo Videgaray is a conductor who studied communication and film direction who has stood out in the entertainment industry for participating in programs like Slip (2009), Soup (2011), Battle of Wits (2012), among others.

Eduardo is also recognized for being the brother of the politician Luis Videgaray, who was secretary of foreign affairs of Mexico from 2017 to 2018.

In addition to being a driver, Videgaray has also participated in reality showslike the third season of Big Brother, in which he shared the small screen with Julio Camejo and ‘El Burro’ Van Rankin.

Eduardo Videgaray married the host Sofía Rivera Torres a year ago. (Photo: Instagram / @eva_soberana)

Sofia Rivera Torres

Sofia Rivera Torres is an influencer and host Graduated from the Universidad Iberoamericana with a degree in communication. She also studied acting at Casa Azul, in preparation for entering television.

In 2013, Rivera Torres was one of the finalists in a channel competition AND! Entertainment that allowed him to debut in the middle As a host, it was there that she met Eduardo Videgaray, whom she married a year ago in a luxurious wedding attended by various celebrities.

A year ago, Sofía Rivera Torres was part of the first season of The House of the Famous Mexico, edition won by Wendy Guevara. She was the second expelled after being nominated by her classmates.


Sofía Rivera Torres met her husband when she was a driver. (Photo: Instagram / @shop.raissa)

Jose Ramon San Cristobal

Jose Ramón San Cristóbal, known as ‘The Estaca’is a television presenter recognized for his work as a musician, athlete and radio host.

In addition to being a driver, ‘El Estaca’ has participated in several reality shows in which he has coincided with Eduardo Videgaray.

On several occasions, through his social networks, Jose Ramón San Cristóbal has shared his passion for music. He was even part of a Spanish rock group called The Rijabs with two other artists.


Jose Ramón San Cristóbal is known as ‘El Estaca’. (Photo: Instagram / @jrestaca)

What happened to the drivers who talked about ‘Lucerito’ Mijares?

After being criticized on social networks by Lucero, the current drivers of Does matters! They apologized in one of their broadcasts.

“When jokes are made or humor is made there is a risk that someone will feel offended“, something that we never want to happen,” explained ‘El Estaca’ before Luis Videgaray’s brother reiterated that they did not want to offend ‘Lucerito’.

“Us We think that ‘Lucierito’ is a very beautiful person in all aspects of life, but that night we made jokes in very bad taste.”

Sofía Rivera Torres concluded the message by addressing Lucero’s daughter directly: “If ‘Lucerito’ Mijares made you feel bad or offended you by something we said… we offer you a sincere apology from all my heart”.

Although Mijares’ daughter did not respond to the apology, Lucero, through her X account, wrote the following comment: “canceled forever”.

Lucero's response to the apologies of Eduardo Videgaray, Sofía Rivera and José Ramón. (Capture)

Lucero’s response to the apologies of Eduardo Videgaray, Sofía Rivera and José Ramón. (Photo: X / @LuceroMéxico)

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