“The button doesn’t want you”

Lolita has demonstrated again in the 5 d Galaand Your face is familiar to me which is very necessary in the jury of the program, so much so that no one could fill its gap. Lolita Flores’ daughter has had a priceless reaction after Juanra Bonet’s performancewhich has left everyone speechless because of how peculiar it has been.

The Catalan has had to get into the shoes of the singer Vitas, a star of Russian music who He rose to fame in the early 2000s and went on to triumph half the world with his song 7th Elementt. The difficulty of this performance was much greater than it might seem, since it involves lyrics in an invented language and with particular tongue movements that only the most skilled can reproduce.

As if it were an android, Juanra came out on stage to the shocked faces of the entire jury., who has not understood anything of what happened, although they were not the only ones. The audience, although very animated by the rhythm and lights, also did not know what the contestant was saying.

Although there was a very fun moment at the gala, the jury was not able to evaluate what happened. «The truth is that I haven’t understood anything, not just the language. Everything in general has been a bit bizarre», Chenoa said, completely lost.

Juanra Bonet has left the jury of ‘Your face sounds familiar’ (Atresmedia) speechless.

Silvia Abril, who has replaced Ángel Llácer on sick leave, has tried to lend a hand to her friend Juanra, but it has not been of much use. «Lolita, you are in shock since the performance began. Have you understood something?», Manel Fuentes asked him.

The craziest performance ever Your face is familiar to me

The daughter of Lola Flores, the most veteran of the jury of Your face is familiar to me, nothing has been saved and your assessment has been very clear. «I haven’t understood anything since you came out there. I don’t know what you’ve done», he began by saying to everyone’s laughter.

Lolita has not been shy about making it clear that Juanra Bonet's performance in Your face sounds to me has been a disaster (Atresmedia).
Lolita has not been shy about making it clear that Juanra Bonet's performance in Your face sounds to me has been a disaster (Atresmedia). Lolita has not been shy about making it clear that Juanra Bonet’s performance in ‘Tu cara me Sonya’ has been a disaster (Atresmedia).

“I think the button doesn’t love you,” he continued to finish leaving him broken.. «The button is a son of a bitch, because he can’t give you these things, I think you can give a little more of yourself. A little more, not much,” she finished him off.

Chenoa has not had mercy on him either, since she has told him that he has had a little control over his air and breathing, but that “the rest has been a disaster”. It was at that moment that Lolita realized that they were being especially harsh with Bonet and made a bit of a face for him: “Not a disaster, he did what the button told him to do.”

Chenoa has not qualified as
Chenoa has not qualified as Chenoa has not described Juanra’s imitation at Gala 5 of ‘TCMS’ (Atresmedia) as “disasters” either.

After saying goodbye to him from the stage, his program colleagues wanted to encourage him after the experts from Your face is familiar to me They have been cruel to him. Tonight has been a bucket of cold water for the presenter of ¿Who wants to be a millionaire?which until now was one of the big surprises of the edition and he had placed himself in the middle of the table despite not being a professional singer since his profile as a contestant is designed to give a show and provoke fun moments.

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